Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Speedpainting Space Marines #11 - Land Speeders

Hey guys!

I almost completely repainted my old (Ravenwing) land speeders a long time ago, but had to put painting completely aside for the last couple of months.

Yesterday I had some time and decided to quickly finish them up, that is, add the weathering.

The 3 land speeders are the final piece in my (now completed! Yay!) Space Marine army. Technically this is not completely true, since I still have 10 bikes that would like to get converted from Ravenwing to my new desert colour scheme, but I doubt that I will have the time to do them any time soon... so for now I'll call it an army and be happy and satisfied with what I have.

Here are the pics, enjoy!

Below you can see the un-weathered vs. weathered land speeder. I still need to do the weathering on the 3rd model.

Doing the weathering is actually extremely easy, quick and a lot of fun. As with all my other space marines, I used a 1:1 VMC Tierra Mate + Black mix to make the chipped paint (I used a medium brush and randomly stippled paint onto every spot that I though would have suffered attrition by heavy duty - you can see that I have started doing this around the cockpit of the left speeder). Then I used the same mix, and carfully drybrushed it horizontally on parts of the speeder that I felt should have been exposed to exhaust smore etc.
That's it!