Monday, 28 May 2007

Children of Beau D'Homme

Les voici! Les 4 petites ruines finies. Peintes et floquées. Elles forment un vrai petit complexe de murs qui se prêtera parfaitement au combat (très) rapproché. Tout de suite... photos!

Deux répurgateurs font une mauvaise rencontre dans les ruines (sur mon plancher).
[EDIT]: I took the liberty of replacing the first pic by a "before/after" version. I think it's nicer.

"We've got contact! Open fire!"

Deux de mes possédés ont inspecté mon boulot de peinture. Le magister avait l'air content. Le Darksoul par contre n'a rien dit et m'a fixé d'un regard glacial. Une grand signe d'affection pour quelqu'un possédé par un démon...

Photo plus large pour montrer la facade.

Voilà ce que j'appelle du vrai "Nahkampf".

Alors, qu'est-ce-que vous en dites? Il est content le Nico? :)

[EDIT]: Btw, the ruin complex used to be mainly one polystyrene ice box filled with Strawberry and Straciatella ice-cream. Not that this matters a lot, but it was delicious. Fascinating, isn't it?

12 angry men

Fellow Mordheimers, I need your opinion! (and above all this concerns Nico and Pat).

As you know, Hari has started playing amazons. What you may not know is that amazons turned out to be too powerful for regular Mordheim games, because their rules are designed for the Lustria add-on, which requires more powerful models. I had not realised that until confronted with the cruel reality of a test game with my dear cousin. Otherwise I would not have allowed that warband on my table in the first place. We had to do some serious fine-tuning to adjust them to the normal Mordheimian "difficulty" level. The result still needs some further testing and approval from you guys (I mean my players Nico and Pat).

Now Hari is considering starting another warband.
Having (it seems) a rather peculiar taste for the exotic, Hari's eyes fell upon the Beastmen Raiders, a warband that stems from another add-on called "Empire in flames". Hari asked me if I thought this warband was OK for Mordheim. Unlike Lustria, the Empire in Flames add-on does not seem to have such "tough" reputation.

But, to prevent further mishaps like the "amazon-incident", I prefer to involve a jury in the decision. That's why I need you to help me decide. Can we allow Beastmen Raiders in Mordheim?

Below are the rules for Beastmen. Please give the thing a glance and tell me what you think! (click to enlarge and/or save to desktop)
Remember: the fairness and proper balancing of our games is at stake! :)

If you allow me to add a tiny personal note: I could imagine allowing this warband. They seem more adapted to Mordheim standards than the amazons. Keep in mind that they do not have a single ranged weapon. But please give your own independent opinion! After all I'm the guy who allowed amazons... *blush*

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Eldar special

This post is a little uncommon for a Mordheim-themed-specialist-games-only-blog. But it was a special request from Tom (the other one), our dutch friend, famous for sculpting the awe inspiring monkey and fellow Mordheim player.

He asked me if he could see my old Eldar army. "Sure!" I said, so here's the post.
I painted this army back when I was playing Warhammer 40.000, so I must have been 15 at the time. Back then I liked to keep my miniatures in dark shades, which explains the very dark look of my Eldars.

I imagined Eldar as an ancient and mysterious race who, in wartime, leads vast yet very silent, skimmering hosts to battle before unleashing a storm of energy upon it's oponents. That drove me in my choice of colours I guess. My army got a dark blue style, reminiscent of a clear midnight sky or a deep silent sea, with little drops of gold, that could symbolize stars or light reflections on the waves. I thought of my small host as a force that would be specialized on nighttime warfare: huge floating tanks and very light infantry troops moving in utter silence, circling their prey like sting-rays or sharks, and striking with one deadly blow.

As a matter of fact, that's how I played them, and this was my only army that has remained undefeated for 8 games in a row! :)

The famous "Wave Serpent" tank is an essential centerpiece of every eldar army. It is both a great firing platform and an armored personel carrier (APC). I particularily liked those 2 skimmering hover tanks, that somhow reminded me of big sharks.

The eldar guardians. Light and fast infantry, led by their "farseer", a powerful psychic.

Your army only qualifies as "Eldar" if you own this utterly useless but kick-ass-looking model: "The avatar of the Blood-Handed God"! :)

A guardian Seargent

Aaaah yes! My beloved Banshees... deadly female warriors. I can't remember how many Space-Marine terminators I sliced up with those. Way to go girls!

Those are called "Warp Spiders". They can teleport themselves for short distances, enabling them to cross any terrain. Sweet.

Sweeter: The Warp Spider leader... Man did I love this model. Isn't he just "kewl"?

The complete army. Say hello boys, before you go back into your box!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

"You have found the ruins of Kvatch"

Hi everyone!

The tavern is doing good, I have almost finished covering the roof with tiles and the second "tower" is almost finished aswell. Today I added a little more detail to the base... I can't find all those plaster scenery pieces (gargoyles, barrels etc...), that I cast a few months ago, so until those show up, the tavern will have to wait a little more before recieving it's paintjob.

But let me show you a quick little project I made in the meantime. It's something Nico proposed a long time ago: "Why don't you just make a few very small ruins?" he asked me.

Well, why don't I indeed? So I went and made four "very small" ruins and 2 bridges to link them. They are still unpainted but I thought I'd show them to you all the same, just to give you an idea. Plus, that leaves enough time for you to make suggestions before it's too late and they are painted ;-)

Here are some pics. As always, I would be very happy to read your comments. Thanks!

I put some models into the unfinished ruins to give you an idea of the scale.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Who's da boss?

I finished painting my other Gorkamorka Mob ("Da Big Red Ones") in a haste. They had been completely ready for weeks, except for the 4 "grot" miniatures ("grots" are basically "goblins") who needed a little more work.

Here's a quick post to present them to your conoisseur's eye. I would be glad to read your comments/compliments/critics. Click to enlarge.

The red mob.

As opposed to the blue mob (above), the red mob does not own vehicles. Yet. This is officially not allowed by the rules, but my table is unfavorably small for vehicles and, honestly, who cares about rules that are 10 years old and out of print?

In the foregound: A boy and the grots.

In the background, from LtR: Mechanic, Slaver, Boss. Behind them you see 2 more boyz.

The mechanic ("Spanner") has a welder and gas-canisters attached to his back.

"Guess who" with hydraulic claw. Now that must come in handy for opening cans of roasted beans...

The mob in the fort.

The mob roams the desert in search of valuable scrap.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Whole lotta Rosie

Allow me to present Stanzi's latest addition to her friendly orc-warband: a Troll. I bought (and converted a little bit) this Warhammer "Stone Troll" miniature for Stanzi and quite naturally it recieved the appropriate color-scheme and a "weapon" suited for a member of such a warband. As usual, you can click to enlarge the pics... but you know the drill.

The original Stone Troll miniature.

Here are the parts I sculpted with green stuff.

Above you see the fearsome pink troll with his terrifying two-handed lolly.

"Me want candy... GIMME CAAAANDY! Grrrrooaaar!" *drool*

The Troll's back. Fascinating.

Here's a pic I like. At the left you see the exact same Stone Troll miniature that I painted when I was fourteen, for the orc army I was playing back then. At the right is Stanzi's troll. Can you find the seven differences?

So... Any comments come to mind? :)

Sunday, 6 May 2007

¡Cumpleaños feliz!

Today is a great day, for my friend Nico has turned 22!

So raise your pints of Pat's Olde Brew, to one of our finest warband commanders and best players. Let me hear you make some noise for our beloved "tortiou". Here's to YOU Nico!

Captain Tortiou a.k.a "Nico" posing in full battle-gear.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Tom's Experimental Lab #2

All right. Here's brake-fluid-test #2.

This time I let the miniatures soak for 5 days, and the results were better.

My first miniature EVER! My pride and joy at one time.

I also put this wood elf steed inside to see what happens. It is not as old as the archer, so I hoped to obtain proof for my "theory" that paint takes longer to go off, the older it is.

Day #1: The paint starts to wrinkle.

Day #4: The paint has almost completely gone off the horse. The archer has not changed much it seems.

At the end of day 5:

Here you see that the horse is almost completely clean. The brownish shades you see are remains of the basecoat I used 6 years ago ("Bestial Brown Spray"). But the layer has become so thin that it si virtually inexistent. I'd say this miniature has become as good as new! 10/10.

The archer on the other hand needed a little scrubbing. Although the paint went off really easy, he remains rather colored. The layers of paint have also become very thin so you could actually just spray over them and paint it again, although the miniature has not become as thoroughly clean as the horse. 7/10.

Anyway, this brake-fluid method seems to work fine, only it takes a lot of time. I suppose if you left the minis inside for 8 days, it would be perfect.

Monkey Island

I painted the monkey today. Here are 2 pics to show you what he looks like. I hope you (especially Tom) will like it.

The monkey is now part of my humble collection,bringing it to a total of 119 miniatures.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Het gras is altyd groener aan de overkant

I found a small parcel in the mailbox today. Tom (the other Tom, a friend from the Netherlands and frequent visitor of this blog) had sent me something.

I opened up, and inside was a miniature he had sculpted from green-stuff himself! I must say I was duly impressed. I sat there for 15 minutes, turning this scratch-built miniature over and over again. Since I sculpt stuff myself (e.g. the blonde hair on the orc-lady from the previous post) I know how hard it is to produce something like this. Next to the miniature was a letter asking me to "greet Pat, Nic and Hari"which I will hereby do.

Tom (the other Tom again) has succeeded in making a figure that is very funny to look at, simple yet expressive and conceptually innovative (there is no other monkey miniature in the whole Warhammer range!). It is what I would call a "little masterpiece" without hesitation.

The monkey takes a sip from a liquor-flask.

Look at that cute tail! Goed werk!

Tom, all my very special thanks and huge "kudos" go to you for this incredible work, which I am overly happy and grateful to be holding in my hands. It's a great present and you can be very proud of yourself. Keep up the good work mate!

Servus, bedankt en tot ziens! ;-)

PS: I'll get to the painting as soon as my work-schedule allows it.