Sunday, 1 August 2010

Scratch made Painting Station

Hi guys!

A friend of mine recently started Warhammer (no doubt lured into it by the release of the new 8th edition of WHFB) and I thought I'd make him a little present - his imminent birthday being a perfect excuse.

I decided to make him his very first painting station, and thought it would be nice to share some pics. Enjoy!

Cutting out holes for water pots

Here I am making the handles on the sides of the tray. I cut out two holes and then joined them by carefully cutting out the middle section.

1 done, 1 to go

Eeeet voilĂ ! :)

I glued and screwed the parts together for max stability. I also smoothed all edges with sand paper. The overall result is really nice I think . Total cost: €4 (and that's counting glue and screws) + 2h assembly time.