Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Die Goldene Gurke 2007

Big news!

Over a month ago I took part in a painting/modelling competition called "Goldene Gurke" (english = "Golden Gherkin") at my local miniature store.

Now they have published the list and photos of the nominees on their website. The final results are due tomorrow if I am not mistaken. I submitted my "pink" orc warband in the "Open Fantasy Regiment" cathegory.

I've flipped through the other candidate's submissions and I was VERY impressed. I am still so impressed in fact, that I realise that I have very slim chances of even winning the bronze "gherkin"... but that's not the point. The most important thing is to be part of it, right?

I would like to take a second to show you the strongest candidate (and potential winner) of my cathegory, because I think his regiment is just stunning. He submits under the name of "Roman Art".

Now it stands him vs. me in the "open fantasy regiment" cathegory... we'll see if the judges have a sense of humor :)

Cross your fingers for me guys!

Yours sincerely,

PS: For those among you who are interested, you can find the other candidate's submissions here (just flip throught the cathegories on the left).

Sunday, 14 October 2007

I said FREEZE!

Hi everyone!

I apologise for the long silence that has befallen my blog.

As you might know, this october I have moved to Leicester, UK for one year. I have recieved my internet connection 2 days ago and so I am finally able to post again. Yay!

Me on a lion's statue on Trafalgar square in London

Since I am away from home - where I have all of my Mordheim stuff - creating and posting new things will be nigh impossible for me. Again, I apologise.

The good news is: that this is where you guys can swoop in and save the day! I believe that through my blog and forum, I have managed to inspire a small - yet dedicated - Mordheim community that has been slowly growing over the past months. And I take pride in seeing that it starts to develop a life of its own. People have been posting beautiful pics of their warbands, extensive battle reports, intense discussions about gameplay ("So, does that crossbow bolt slip when pointed downwards?!") and so on.

Now that I am away from the game for nine months, I would like to send out a call for support to those very devoted and friendly people that have been joining me in our little Mordheim community project. I need you guys to keep doing what you do best! Visiting, contributing, beeing creative...
I will be back in no time to feed new stuff into the blog and the forum, but in the meantime I ask all of you to step into the spotlight and keep our community alive. I will be watching from Leicester and doing my best to play my part from this remote location.

Finally I would like to give my very special thanks to the following people that have been contributing very eagerly to the forum:

(in alphabetical order)





Thanks to all the others aswell for having joined us and made their contributions!

I hope to hear from you guys very soon and am eager to be back in the game as quickly as it will be possible. Nine months is not as long as it sounds... is it?

Erm... papers please.