Friday, 28 December 2007

Treasure Island

Two days ago we played a little friendly (i.e. non-campaign) "treasure hunt" game with Tortiou while we were waiting for some guests. The objective was for the warbands to search every building for "the treasure" which, once found, was to be carried back to a winning zone.

Every time a model enters the first floor of a building that has not been searched, the player rolls 2D6. On a 12 the model has found the treasure while searching the building.

If all the buildings have been searched but one, the treasure is automatically in that last one.

That's a lot of buildings to search.


The Reiks and their elf (aaaargh!) take positions.

The Reiks are still out of arrow range... I am happy... for now.

Great! Finally a photograph that documents the very thing that makes me grind my teeth in helpless agony and drives my cold sweats: Nico's expression when he takes aim at my warband with one of his best marksmen.

The elf fires. And fails to wound. Lucky me...

Two can play at this shooting game. My Crossbowman sends a Reik to the ground.

That's right! I can shoot too! :)

Nico's (new) elf sprints along a bridge...

...and is greeted by a bolt from my captain's crossbow that throws her to the ground.

Nico's troops rush forward... What?!

The impossible became possible that day: Nico actually approached my troops with the clear intention of getting involved in a close combat! I could not believe my eyes, and frankly, was caught completely unprepared.

Unfortunately, we did not have time to finish the game (our guests arrived) to see what would have happened to the poor overwhelmed Witch Hunters. But since I knocked 2 of Nico's models down I was declared "winner" of the game... if there can be such a thing as a winner.

Good game dude!

The ivy house

I found time to complete the building I started a while ago. Here are the pics (courtesy of my friend Tortiou)! I hope you guys like the latest addition to our Mordheim table.


Sunday, 23 December 2007

New Favicons

Hi everyone!

I have good news: Tom's Boring Mordheim Blog and Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum have just recieved a little yet important improvement.

We now have "favicons"! What's that?

Favicons are the little icons displayed in your bookmarks dropdown menu and on top of the tabs in your browser. The purpose is t0 make the site stick out from all the others that use the regular "white sheet" icon.

So if you want to make your Tom's Boring Mordheim Blog and Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum bookmark look better and stick out from the background of your favourites, you might want to re-bookmark it! (delete the old bookmark first).

I did :)

Merry Xmas everyone!
Admin Tom

Saturday, 15 December 2007

The night Santa went crazy...

Hi guys!

The christmas holidays have arrived! I am leaving the UK for home (Vienna) this sunday (16.12.07) for 3 weeks.

Have a merry Xmas and a happy new year!

I'll see you all in 2008!


Monday, 3 December 2007

Late autumn bases

As requested by Tom (the other one) here's a little guide to how I made the bases for my wood elves.

You will need:

- PVA glue
- Sand flock
- Snow flock
- Leaf litter
- Milliput (or any other modelling putty that you are comfortable with)
- Toothpics (for modelling the putty and spreading the glue)
- A good (large) brush
- 3 brown paints

The root (look closely) and the stone I made out out of milliput. Then I flocked with sand, basecoated and drybrushed. Then I added "leaf litter" and finally I applied my self made "snow paste". Tadaaa!

How it's done:
1 - Put some putty on the base.

2 - Sculpt the putty into roots with a toothpick or a needle by drawing longitudinal lines.

3 - With a modelling knife make little transversal "cuts" in the roots to simulate cracks in the bark.

4 and 5 - Spread out some PVA and flock with sand

6 - Basecoat

7 - Drybrush with dark brown (Marón cuero or Scorched brown)

8 - Drybrush with light brown (Uniforme Inglés or Snakebite Leather)

9 - Drybrush with beige (Arena Oscura or Bleached Bone)

10 - Apply leaf litter

11 - Apply "snow paste". Done!

Making snow paste
50/50% mix of PVA/Water. Add snow flock until you have a thick paste.

Woidöhfen (go woodies, go!)

Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since I have had time to wield the brush and even a longer time since I have posted something.

This week-end I finished most of my work so I was able to spend a little time on painting and modelling... the good stuff! Let me tell you, it feels very good to do some painting again.

I went a little crazy a month ago and bought some wood elf miniatures at the local games workshop because... well, because the "new" miniatures look awesome, because I have always loved wood elves and because I could not resist anymore. However these guys had to remain unasembled in a a drawer because I simply did not have time to even cut them out of their sprues.

That's a LOT of wood elves to assemble, paint and base.

This has now changed and after weeks and weeks of pondering and reflecting upon the colour scheme to adopt, I am finally proud to be able to show you first pics of work in progress.

Tell me what you think!

That's all I have for the moment (2 days work), but there is more to come.

I was torn between an "autumn" and a "winter" style army. The only thing I knew was that I did not want a standard "green" army. But what to chose? I wanted dead leaves but I also wanted snow... So I went for "late fall" and made bases that had both: dead leaves AND snow :)

Monday, 19 November 2007

Tom in Derby

Just a little "hello" to the community from Derby in the UK with a pic of me in front of the local GW store. Traditional GW store pilgrimage accomplished, let's go on with the visit of the town... ;)

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Die Goldene Gurke 2007

Big news!

Over a month ago I took part in a painting/modelling competition called "Goldene Gurke" (english = "Golden Gherkin") at my local miniature store.

Now they have published the list and photos of the nominees on their website. The final results are due tomorrow if I am not mistaken. I submitted my "pink" orc warband in the "Open Fantasy Regiment" cathegory.

I've flipped through the other candidate's submissions and I was VERY impressed. I am still so impressed in fact, that I realise that I have very slim chances of even winning the bronze "gherkin"... but that's not the point. The most important thing is to be part of it, right?

I would like to take a second to show you the strongest candidate (and potential winner) of my cathegory, because I think his regiment is just stunning. He submits under the name of "Roman Art".

Now it stands him vs. me in the "open fantasy regiment" cathegory... we'll see if the judges have a sense of humor :)

Cross your fingers for me guys!

Yours sincerely,

PS: For those among you who are interested, you can find the other candidate's submissions here (just flip throught the cathegories on the left).

Sunday, 14 October 2007

I said FREEZE!

Hi everyone!

I apologise for the long silence that has befallen my blog.

As you might know, this october I have moved to Leicester, UK for one year. I have recieved my internet connection 2 days ago and so I am finally able to post again. Yay!

Me on a lion's statue on Trafalgar square in London

Since I am away from home - where I have all of my Mordheim stuff - creating and posting new things will be nigh impossible for me. Again, I apologise.

The good news is: that this is where you guys can swoop in and save the day! I believe that through my blog and forum, I have managed to inspire a small - yet dedicated - Mordheim community that has been slowly growing over the past months. And I take pride in seeing that it starts to develop a life of its own. People have been posting beautiful pics of their warbands, extensive battle reports, intense discussions about gameplay ("So, does that crossbow bolt slip when pointed downwards?!") and so on.

Now that I am away from the game for nine months, I would like to send out a call for support to those very devoted and friendly people that have been joining me in our little Mordheim community project. I need you guys to keep doing what you do best! Visiting, contributing, beeing creative...
I will be back in no time to feed new stuff into the blog and the forum, but in the meantime I ask all of you to step into the spotlight and keep our community alive. I will be watching from Leicester and doing my best to play my part from this remote location.

Finally I would like to give my very special thanks to the following people that have been contributing very eagerly to the forum:

(in alphabetical order)





Thanks to all the others aswell for having joined us and made their contributions!

I hope to hear from you guys very soon and am eager to be back in the game as quickly as it will be possible. Nine months is not as long as it sounds... is it?

Erm... papers please.