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Speedpainting Space Marines #6 - Tactical Squad

Aaaah... tactical marines. The backbone of any army. Jacks of all trades. The models that make every 12 year old go "I want to collect those!" and GW's most powerful tool for sucking 12 year olds dry of their pocket money.

Let's start with the flamethrower marine. The teeny tiny pepsi can of gasoline on the regular flamethrower model could never EVER hold enough flammable fluid to even light a cigarette. As if this wasn't ridiculous enough, GW thought it would look good idea to model a little skull&bones on the can. Go figure...

I wanted to have my flamethrowers (1) stand out as such (2) look like half-plausible weapons and not like super soakers.

So I devised these thingies that look somewhat like gas canisters, and added a little bit of greenstuff that looks like tubes feeding the flame-gun with flammable liquid.

The canisters are in fact a sawn paintbrush (the brush had the right diameter and was wasted anyway), the valves and stuff are from an old SM backpack, upside down.

Flamer #2

10 out of 20 painted marines total


Monday, 28 December 2009

Speedpainting Space Marines #5 - Predator Tank (WIP)

Hey guys!

I hope you had nice holidays. Here are some pics of my predator tank. I decided to go for the max-out on lascannons option, to make him as big a threat as possible to ennemy armour (this made the most sense to an utter 40K noob like me).

It does come in cheaper than a devastator squad and he can move and shoot, which should be a plus.

I chose not to put an entry/exit point on top of the turret, but instead put a missile there, because the geometry of the turret is so awkward that no human being with an intact spine could squeeze through (as GW would have us believe).

Why WIP? Because the lights are still missing.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Speedpainting Space Marines #4 - Terminators

Merry Christmas & happy holidays everyone!

Okay, so here's my last post before Christmas, but there will be plenty more after, so keep checking back!

What could be more fitting for Christmas than a bunch of big fat Space Marine Terminators? Okay, admittedly, almost anything would be more fitting, but the point is that here are some pics of my assault terminator squad + captain in power armour, and I hope you guys will like them.


I decided I wanted no bald heads in my space marines army and so I decided to give all baldies (the assault seargent is the only exception) berets. Green berets. That I sculpted with green stuff. Incredibly creative, isn't it?

The power sword is still not completely done. I need to work out the non-metallic (NMM) effect more. There will be a post with my librarian with a finished sword to give you an idea of what the final product should look like. And of course the captain wears a green robe, because beige and green are the chapter's colours... I have just decided.

"Is that arabic on the banner?" I hear you ask. Why yes it is! I decided that my marines would use the arabic alphabet (may be even speak some araboid language) because I was tired of this bullshit pseudo-latin that GW tosses around ("exterminus" here, "terminatum" there *gag*)

If there is sufficient demand, I will upload the banner files (.jpeg) that I made for my chapter, so that those of you interested in having their own marines join my chapter can print them out and do so if they wish. The more the merrier!

I have replaced the original terminator shields (see WIP shots below) with chaos warrior shields from WHFB from which I filed off the chaotic detail. Instead the shield now sport my chapter's symbol... a "Lambda". By the way, I still need a name for the chapter, so if you have ideas, don't keep them to yourselves!

The completed squad, ready to deal out 21 attacks, strength 4-8, ignoring armour saves. Yay.

WIP terminators, before the wash.

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Speedpainting Space Marines #1 - Scouts

Here is the first post out of about 10, in whichI will show you my progress through my "Space Marines Speedpainting" project. The idea is to re-paint my old Space Marines Army (roughly 2500 pts) to tabletop quality.

Today: Scouts!


Sunday, 20 December 2009

The Space Marine Revival


I have been wanting to repaint my old space marines for a while. I used to collect this army when I was a teenager and it has been sitting, half finised, in a box for almost 10 years now.

I am not a huge fan of 40K to be honest, but with a full army at your disposal, just waiting to be re-activated under your command (i.e. paintbrush) it is hard not to let the 40K bug bite you.

At the time, I used to paint them as Dark Angels (i.e. dark green) because I was never too fond of flashy colours (except for the "Sons of Medusa" chapter which looks hilarious).

If I repainted these space marines I wanted them to:
  1. be anything BUT dark green
  2. have weathered armour: I have always wanted to try that :)
  3. ideally be a custom chapter of my own making (i.e. NOT Dark Angels)
  4. be based in a way to suggest an environment unlike any of my other armies
  5. above all be QUICK to paint, since I have very little time
After some thought, I decided to go for a desert theme. A Mars-like red desert to be precise.
And after some dabbling with different colour schemes, I found a way to get a decent result on the model and the base in very little time.

I might post a step-by step walkthrough tutorial of my colour scheme if I have some time. In the meantime, my recipies can be found at the end of this post for those you interested.

Here are some WIP pics. Enjoy!

WIP shot of the army (some models missing: predator tank, 3 land speeders, 12 bikes)

The "original" color, before revamping.

First try of creating a banner for my custom chapter, with Phosotshop.

  1. GW Dark Flesh
  2. Brush GW Dark Flesh + VMC Amarillo mate, increasing Amarillo Mate as you go
  3. Add a little VMC Arena Oscura to the above mix and drybrush lightly to accentuate
  1. Paint with boltgun metal (that's right, paint, not drybrush)
  2. Apply heavy GW Devlan Mud wash
Greens (like lenses, power weapons etc...)
  1. VMC U.S. dark green highlighted with VGC Camouflage Green
  1. VMC Dark Flesh + Brown (GW Graveyard Earth or VMC Tierra Mate)
  2. Add increasing amounts of VMC Dark Flesh
  3. Wash GW Devlan Mud
  4. Again VMC Dark Flesh
  5. VMC Dark Flesh + VMC Basic Skintone
  1. Spray Black
  2. Basecoat VMC Tierra Mate + 30% VMC Orange Brown
  3. Drybrush with above mix adding increasin amounts of VMC Arena Oscura
  4. Drybrush pure VMC Arena Oscura
  5. Wash recesses with VMC Orange Brown
  6. Weathering armour (chipped paint) with VMC Tierra Mate + Black.
This is my "poor man's" solution for quick weathering: it is done by using an old medium-sized old brush and randomly adding step 6 mix to "exposed" bits of the armour, like edges and knee-caps, that are likely to have taken more punishment in combat. Don't over do it, better too little than too much. To get a better contrast, you can highlight the "chipped off" bits you have thus created with VMC Arena Oscura (warning: time consuming).

Example of highlighted vs non-highlighted chipped paint:

Stay tuned for more in the future!