Wednesday, 17 March 2010

"The Caliphate" Space Marine Chapter BANNER FILES FOR DOWNLOAD!

Hey guys!

As requested, here are the banner files (.jpeg) that I made for my custom Space Marines Chapter for download!

If you feel like joining my chapter (for which I still need a cool name, so don't hesitate to write your suggestions as comments!) feel free to print them out and use them on your minis. Our chapter can use all the new battle brothers it can get ;)


[UPDATE]: Thanks to Gert, I now have a name for the chapter! They shall henceforth be called "The Caliphate". Should you choose to become one of my battle brothers and join the chapter, feel free to add your tag to the Chapter's name. e.g. "The Caliphate of Gert".
The only condition I pose for joining, is that anyone who joins the chapter uses the above banners on his models and has fun playing! -Tom