Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Zeu peau-zeste

Voici le guerrier qui a rejoint ma bande dernièrement en plus du mutant: un "initié". Simple troupe de base qui sera chargée du côté ballistique des choses dans ma bande. Malgré le fait que ce soit le guerrier le moins cher, il coûte toujours encore la peau du c... la prunelle des yeux. Mais bon, c'est comme ca les possédés: cher!

J'ai peint toutes les 4 figurines que j'avais en ma possession ("POSSESSION", muahahaha! *rire satanique*) d'une traite, car je compte les engager dans ma bande tôt ou tard de toute facon.

Je vous laisse découvrir! :)

J'ai rajouté des boucliers et des arcs à tout le monde.

Ce monsieur est en fait une petite conversion. J'ai remplacé la lance qu'il portait par une épée, beaucoup plus utile au corps à corps. Ci-dessous la figurine originale (peinte par GW).
Je n'ai pas changé cette arme à deux mains, même si elle est à mon avis un mauvais choix pour des hommes de main aussi basiques, pour deux raisons:
1. C'est trop long à convertir
2. C'est trop chiant à convertir
Je ferais avec. Tant pis.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Ethyl Methane Sulfonate

"Throw him in" ordered magister Tomazh coldly. The beastman obeyed his master's order and hurled the tied up human he was carrying into a pool filled with dark, murky water. The water splashed up as the gagged captive hit its surface. Tomazh jerked backwards to avoid the splatter that almost stained his dark green robes. "Careful, you stupid animal!" roared Tomazh "That's wyrdstone tainted water you brainless goat! Get out of my sight!". The beastman made a gesture that vaguely resembled an apologetic bow and returned to the two other beastmen who were busy pulling more helpless captives around and tying them up.

"Get a move on back there!" shouted the magister. "This one is almost ready." Inside the pool the unfortunate prisoner squirmed with pain as the wyrdstone laden water mercilessly did its work. He was already mutating, yet his screams were muted by the gag. One of the huge possessed approached the pool, reached in and pulled out the once human shape. His head had shifted in a grotesque angle and some of his limbs had molten together forming amorph masses of flesh. "Useless," declared Tomazh, "discard him." The possessed monstrosity nodded and pulled the poor victim towards a scaffold manned by two darksouls who were carrying axes.

"Next!" Yelled the magister. Again a prisoner was thrown into the mutating-pool and discarded because he didn't suit the magister's taste. As this went on for a while, a small humanoid shape approched Tomazh.

"Is this how I was made?" it asked.

"Yes, Scorpio." Answered the magister mildly and turned to his little mutant servant with the scorpion tail. "This is what you call a genetic screening in molecular biology. It's simple: you treat individuals with a mutagen - in our case, the water - and you keep an eye out for interesting mutations that arise randomly in their offspring. In our case we are in the lucky position to be able to skip the step of reproduction, since we see the mutations directly as they occur on the individual itself."

"Ah..." said Scorpio.

The magister paternally laid a hand on the little mutant's shoulder. "Neeeext!" he shouted.

Apparently the magister found something that sufficed. Here are the pics :)

Wait! That's..1,2,3 and 4.... Four attacks! Damn right! :)

[EDIT]: I realised the miniature was not completetly finished (I forgot to paint the shield and the piece of fabric the mutant wears around his left arm).
Here is the completely finished version.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Teenage Mutant Mordheim Turtles

Bon, fini de rigoler.

Revenons aux choses serieuses... Mes possédés recoivent des renforts! J'ai trouvé le temps de dépenser mes 7 fragments de pierre magique économisés depuis 3 parties (et oui, vous croyez quoi? Ca paye pas bien les défaites, hein!). Sept fragments ca fait 120 pièces d'or à dépenser: songez donc que j'en ai fait du shopping moi. Si bien que ma bande se voit renforcée par deux nouveaux guerriers: un acolyte de base (= simple recrue) et un mutant tout neuf.

La recrue est peu intéressante, mais le mutant d'autant plus. Et je ne voudrais pas vous faire manquer l'occasion de faire sa connaissance. Voici donc les images de mon nouveau "petit" mutant en cours de production (notez que la queue de scorpion n'est pas encore fixée).

Oui, ce monsieur a 3 bras. Vivent les attaques supplémentaires!

La base est un orc. Le "pied" gauche (qui est en fait une main) provient d'un zombie, les bras appartiennent à la grappe des hommes-bêtes et les armes à celle des "guerriers du chaos".

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Le monde est petit!

Salut tout le monde!

Je viens de trouver le site d'un wargamer francais. Devinez sur quelle vidéo je tombe...

Je vous laisse découvrir :)

En tout cas merci au "Dragontigre" pour la bonne critique de ma modeste petite collection!

[EDIT]: J'en ai trouvé un autre! :D

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Who doesn't like statistics?

I thought it would be interesting to see where the visitors of my blog came from. The size of the dots on the maps represents the number of visitors during the last week.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Somebody put something in my drink

...aaaaaaaand, done!

Wow, I didn't think I'd see the day, but the long expected tavern is finally finished! And this time I mean the paintjob.

Please feast your eyes on what I would humbly call my "masterwork". Not because it is so extraordinarily outstanding, but because I must have listened to "Master of Puppets" about 1000 times while building it ;-)
And of course also because it is the biggest most time-consuming building I ever made. And because I think it is my best building so far.

Please take your time and enjoy the pictures. Oh, and leave me some comments! :)

(click to enlarge)


"Tadaaa!" Need I say more?

The little tower. That's where I would want to live.

Here are some pics showing the walkway. Satisfait, Nico?

Since I could not come up with a really satisfying name for the Inn, I chose to represent a little pint of Pat's Finest on the tavern-sign. My favourites were "The Tumbling Turtle Inn" and "Ale in a shell Tavern". Got better suggestions? I'd love to read them!

The facade again.

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Extensive sneak-peeking: the tavern

Goooood neeeews everyone!

The tavern is finished! The assembling and basecoating that is. But still, a huge project (God did that take long to tile the roof and make the woodwork, jeez!) is coming to an end.

I thought I'll let you know, and I included a few pics to give you and idea of what the finished tavern looks like. Here are the pics, comments are (as usual) greatly appreaciated.

Below you see the basecoated tavern:

The paintjob should take a millisecond compared to the amount of time the building of the tavern itself required... so keep an eye (or two) out for another post in the (very) near furture :)

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Vienna Troll Massacre

Saturday is Mordheim-day.

Hari's amazons and my possessed clashed today. The objective was rather usual: three small fragments of wyrdstone. The only problem was that it was guarded by three fierce stone trolls, who had no intention to relinquish their hoard to puny humans.

Here's the setup:

The middle house with wyrdstone and trolls.

The trolls roam the table, looking for some crispy humans.

Hari sets up first.

I set up my possies. Now that's informative!

Hari's scouts have a special 16" deployment zone . He shrewdly makes use of that by placing his battle-babes on top of a tall building (recently painted, mind you).

A huge pink hand sweeps through the sky over Mordheim. Most certainly just another warpstone-generated anomaly.

The possessed make their way through the ruins. Two beastmen and the mutant head for the ramp that leads to the wyrstones. Miiiiiine!

They are accompanied by a suited theme-song, played by a nearby bard.

A scout sprints along the bridge.

Hari's warriors, proceed along the footbridge, whilst firing (like mad) at a lone troll.

At the bottom, the priestess and two (frenzied) totem warriors engage another troll in close combat... and beat the crap out of him! I was intrigued, I must say.

There goes the first troll. Nice one, Hari!
My first possessed sees a troll. Frenzied, as he is, I have no choice but to let him charge (18"!) with a wild roar. I though he had a chance. But the troll proved me wrong. The possessed warband suffered it's first casualty.

The scouts have meanwhile arrived on top of another building. They shoot their bows at the troll who killed my first possessed. Guess what happened?

I went from intrigued, to astonished. Again, nice one Hari.

Apparently I don't learn from my mistakes. My last possessed charges the last remaining troll (What was I thinking?!). A tough fight ensues. Both stay alive with with one "wound" each.

The rest of my warband runs to the possessed's aid, but they arrive only to see him being mashed into a pulp.

But there is justice in Mordheim! The troll that killed my second possesesed charges one of Hari's henchwomen. Needless to say, she can now be easily canned and fed to my cat.

There is even more justice in Mordheim! Hari's scouts take the troll down with one clean shot through his eye (no more "wound regeneration" for YOU mister!)

Look at him. The viennese Trollslayer.

Following my rather heavy losses, I had to take a rout test, which naturally failed. I might add that I lost 5 wounds in total (both possessed) before routing. In that respect those trolls did some serious damage in my ranks. Nevertheless, I had all wyrdstones in my possession at the end of the battle, so I came out richer than I entered. The post battle sequence was OK for both of us. None lost any warriors.
There was a funny little detail though... My first possessed now "hates" trolls :)

Good game, dude.

[EDIT]: Sorry Grex, apparently I wasn't clear. Hari won. I lost, although it is not Hari who defeated me, but the trolls! :)