Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Mutter, der Mann mit dem Koks ist da.

That's a little project I started recently under the watchful eye of Nicholas :)

Here are the first pics of a very rough outline of the new building. The idea was to show a structure that took an almost direct hit by a meteor. I'll be gone for 2 weeks, but after I get back I'll try to keep you up to date about my progress :)

Take care!


Grexi said...

Das is ja ursüß - aber was soll den das rose!?!? und wo bitte ist der koks hier? alles liebe

Nicholas said...

Great job!
Are you going to carve some stones on the house (like erkwin)?
And what about the columns? Did the plaster dry well?
I'm looking forward to see these new buildings finished!

Thomas said...


@Grex: Das Koks? Das ist zu Kohle geworden. Nicht gewusst?

@Nico: No, I think I'll rather employ the Thomasian style rather than the Erkwinian style. Meaning that I won't engrave the stones that way. But maybe on some other building...
The plaster dryed just fine but I'm having second thoughts about this "greek temple" thing (I'm talking about another project which I haven't posted yet, only Nico has already seen it).

Nicholas said...

WTF ?!?!?

Second thoughts?? This is not the time for bloody second thoughts, mate!! Just build that damn greek temple and SHUT THE FUCK UP !
non mais sérieux, Tom, même sans peinture et plein de plâtre ce temple grec il déchire!! tu te rappelles pas de la séance Matrix avec la caméra qui tourne autour de mon arbalétrier parmi les colonnes?? Chuis sûr que ca rendrait GE-NI-AL !!
Je le termine, moi, si tu veux plus le faire!! Moi chuis à fond dedans!
bon en tous cas, bomb voyage et à plus!!