Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Shady business

I had some spare parts. To be exact, I had 5 Corsair cloaks, a few left over Daemonette heads, some Wood Elf parts and some more Corsair arms.

So I figured, why not make a small unit out of these?

My eye fell on a pretty useless one indeed: Dark Elf shades (only surpassed in uselessness by Shades with great weapons). But since it was all going to be made from bits, I thought, I might aswell give it a try.

So here is another WIP project that patiently waits to get painted :)


I did not feel like using wood elf cloaks AGAIN, since I have done so already on my Dark Riders (soon to be revealed) and my assassin. So I used Sea Dragon Cloaks... I think it was not a too bad decision after all. It looks okay I think.

I added a little bit of detail with Green Stuff. Since my Dark Elf army is winter-themed, I thought thick scarves were in place here.

A few inaccuracies in equipment: I did not have any Repeater Crossbows, that Shades should normally carry. I only had some Repeater Handbows (rule wise, the R-Crossbow's little brother)... but who cares really?


73rd said...

Awesome conversions mate, they all look so sinister. I managed to create a new blog for my Wood Elves as I mentioned last week, although there's not too much on it right now! if you want to check it out. I'm hoping to get on with those Centaurs on there in the coming weeks in the Autumn/Winter paint scheme that inspired me from your previous stuff.

Nice work as usual mate!


73rd said...

Scratch that last blog mentioned! I couldn't drift from my dearest wordpress!

Tagnator said...

awesome work man! I love them!

Matt said...

Awesome! Can't wait to team up with them :D!

Thomas said...

@73rd: Thanks for the update 73rd! I did check out your "blogger" blog and I liked those minautaurs. Let me know when your new blog is up!

@ Matt & Tag: Thanks guys! :) I am pretty happy how those guys turned out. And Matt, don't worry, our Dark boys will do some damage when the time comes ;) In the meantime: PAINT PAINT PAINT!

Cheers guys,

Matt said...

I still have to start most of em :(
you'll have to motivate me :D

Matt said...

by the way, I can't figure what's so useless about them? they're scouts, skirmishers, have bs 5(!) looks pretty good to me.

Thomas said...

Well I guess you are right Matt, they are not that "useless".

What I implied is that I imagine that Harpies are more efficient as delaying units because they are cheaper, faster, core and because 5 shades would not do any significant damage with their ranged attacks anyway (Move & Long Distance or double-shot = 4+ to hit).

I guess I am the victim of being used to Waywatchers with the lethal shot rule and their cool special deployment.

So perhaps I am wrong and Shades do much better in game than in theory! :) We will see about that at our next meeting!