Wednesday, 17 March 2010

"The Caliphate" Space Marine Chapter BANNER FILES FOR DOWNLOAD!

Hey guys!

As requested, here are the banner files (.jpeg) that I made for my custom Space Marines Chapter for download!

If you feel like joining my chapter (for which I still need a cool name, so don't hesitate to write your suggestions as comments!) feel free to print them out and use them on your minis. Our chapter can use all the new battle brothers it can get ;)


[UPDATE]: Thanks to Gert, I now have a name for the chapter! They shall henceforth be called "The Caliphate". Should you choose to become one of my battle brothers and join the chapter, feel free to add your tag to the Chapter's name. e.g. "The Caliphate of Gert".
The only condition I pose for joining, is that anyone who joins the chapter uses the above banners on his models and has fun playing! -Tom


Gert G. said...

Hi Tom,

Since your going with that arabic/islamic theme, i would suggest:Caliphate as a basis for a chaptername.
Just put some cool sounding name in front of it. Maybe the name of the planet they inhabit. for example :
Damascus Caliphate or Khartoum Caliphate....:-) just sayin'

Thomas said...

Thanks a lot for the idea Gert! I like it very much.

I think henceforth this chapter shall be named "The .... Caliphate".

I like Damascus, however I am not sure we should use a real world place in the name.

Anonymous said...

Being politically correct is probably a smart way to go.

I was thinking of that myself, still playing around with the idea..

but lately i couuldnt resist the temptation of new 40k orks so I just invested 250 pounds on a huge ork army with crazy ideas. in between that project i am hoping to rack up some arabic style marines myself under this chapter.

thanks for the banner Tom. It was a highly anticipated relesae, hope your doin well!


Anonymous said...

Earthen Heros

Derina said...

Desert Rats. It fits the colour.

Thomas said...

Thanks for your input guys. Both duly noted and greatly appreciated!

In all honesty though, I do like "Caliphate" most so far.

Gert G. said...


I win, i win :-) (pretty lame huh !?!)
Glad you like it Tom, I like Damascus too but I see what you mean.
Do you have any fluff regarding the homeplanet ?
Maybe inspiration lies in there ?
Greets, Gert.

Anonymous said...

sand vipers

Werekin said...

These guys look fantastic sir. I'm not a big fan of 40k to be sure - something about too much space and not enough western. ;)

The name Caliphate is inspired Tom. Surely you must have a Caliph in your force!

Space Wolves look like mongrels by comparison to these bad-boys! These bravos would be Space Jackals or Space Coyotes... Perhaps a squad name or two for you there dog soldier.



Anonymous said...

How about 'The Caliphate Mekka'?

I wouldn't worry about offending anybody, personally. I think Islamic architecture would make great inspiration for the chapter's scenery/fortresses etc.

Zen said...

i like the fresh arabic approach rather than the latinization norm of wh40k.

If only I found your blog before i have painted, like, 2000 points of Ultramarines.

Wostry Ferenc said...

Thomas, could you re-upload these? Because the link is defunct.

Thomas said...

Done! I apologise for the inconvenience. You should now be able to download it again.