Thursday, 23 April 2015

And now for something completely Battlefleet Gothic

Hi guys!

Working life has a tendency to keep you away from hobby related endeavours. On the bright side, when one does get a chance to indulge in the hobby again after a long hiatus, it is all the sweeter!

As I was reminiscing with a friend over lunch about the "good old times" of Specialist Games, he mentioned that his favourite system had always been Battlefleet Gothic (BFG).

Now I had never played nor collected it, being way too busy with Mordheim at the time, but hearing him going on about the (supposedly) very dynamic interplay of drifting fleets, waves of interstellar torpedoes, battlecruisers and interceptors intrigued me.

... then he dug out his old BFG box and Imerpial fleet models. I was sold on the idea.

It was thus decided that we should play a game of BFG but there is a catch: I do not own a fleet.

Since BFG models are insanely expensive on ebay, I did what any hobbyist would do, and decided to build a BFG gothic fleet from scratch. And Orks are the perfect excuse to build stuff from spare parts.

I admit, I have virtually no spare parts that could be used to make a fleet, so I went down to the local hobby store, paid 5€ and dug through their "bits box".

Here is the result.


PS: I have only skimmed the rules beforehand, so I do not know if this fleet is particularily viable in battle. But hey, who cares, right?

The little gun turrets (metal) and flying bases (plastic) were purchased from (these guys have really good prices)

Bits were found in the bits box of my local hobby store

The "orkish teeth" on the ships were made from thin pastic card

Almost done... engines are missing. See further down for completed project

 My attempt at a Space Hulk. I think I succeeded in making it look like a "space ork" version of a deep sea fish.

Space Hulk WIP

The ships engines are made by combining some metal bolts (I have NO idea what they are for in real life) I have found in a home improvement store

Asteroids are made from "lava stone" for gas grills. Can be found in any home improvement store.

You know me, I cannot post pics witout talking about painting:
For the ships:

1) Black basecoat
2) 3 dry-brushings of red-brown mix, going to a lighter shade each time by adding yellow/white (I just mixed some brown, red and yellow until I was happy with the tone. I used Vallejo and Army Painter colors for the project, but any manufaturer of quality paints will do)
3) Added a little yellow details (again this yellow as an improvised mix)

4) Very light dry-brush with metail (in this case Army Painter "Plate Mail Metal")

For the asteroids:

1) Black basecoat

2) Work some brown into the rock, make sure it is patchy and not too neat. In fact, just do a sloppy drybrushing with too much paint on your brush and you are golden.

3) repeat process with an olive green of your choice

4) Now do a proper dry-brush with dark grey

5) Another proper and very light dry-brush (only for accents) with very light grey


Seriously the quickest, cheapest, most fun and satisfying side project I have ever done. Cannot wait to try a game with these guys.

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