Monday, 18 June 2007

Ethyl Methane Sulfonate

"Throw him in" ordered magister Tomazh coldly. The beastman obeyed his master's order and hurled the tied up human he was carrying into a pool filled with dark, murky water. The water splashed up as the gagged captive hit its surface. Tomazh jerked backwards to avoid the splatter that almost stained his dark green robes. "Careful, you stupid animal!" roared Tomazh "That's wyrdstone tainted water you brainless goat! Get out of my sight!". The beastman made a gesture that vaguely resembled an apologetic bow and returned to the two other beastmen who were busy pulling more helpless captives around and tying them up.

"Get a move on back there!" shouted the magister. "This one is almost ready." Inside the pool the unfortunate prisoner squirmed with pain as the wyrdstone laden water mercilessly did its work. He was already mutating, yet his screams were muted by the gag. One of the huge possessed approached the pool, reached in and pulled out the once human shape. His head had shifted in a grotesque angle and some of his limbs had molten together forming amorph masses of flesh. "Useless," declared Tomazh, "discard him." The possessed monstrosity nodded and pulled the poor victim towards a scaffold manned by two darksouls who were carrying axes.

"Next!" Yelled the magister. Again a prisoner was thrown into the mutating-pool and discarded because he didn't suit the magister's taste. As this went on for a while, a small humanoid shape approched Tomazh.

"Is this how I was made?" it asked.

"Yes, Scorpio." Answered the magister mildly and turned to his little mutant servant with the scorpion tail. "This is what you call a genetic screening in molecular biology. It's simple: you treat individuals with a mutagen - in our case, the water - and you keep an eye out for interesting mutations that arise randomly in their offspring. In our case we are in the lucky position to be able to skip the step of reproduction, since we see the mutations directly as they occur on the individual itself."

"Ah..." said Scorpio.

The magister paternally laid a hand on the little mutant's shoulder. "Neeeext!" he shouted.

Apparently the magister found something that sufficed. Here are the pics :)

Wait! That's..1,2,3 and 4.... Four attacks! Damn right! :)

[EDIT]: I realised the miniature was not completetly finished (I forgot to paint the shield and the piece of fabric the mutant wears around his left arm).
Here is the completely finished version.


ToM said...

a great mutant my friend! it looks damn fine!

Thomas said...

Thanks Tom!

Glad to get a good comment from one of the VIPs of my blog :) Although I have to admit, this mutant is far weaker that he looks... He's got almost basic human stats (WS=4, S=3, T=3, W=1...)

Only the 4 attacks give him a little something. I'll have to wait for him to gain more XP: In time he can become a real killing machine. Imagine WS=5 S=4 and 5 attacks :)

PS: Good luck with your exams!

Okami said...

"THE FREAKMONSTER" fabuleux...

tom said...


WarbossKurgan said...

Lovely paint-job, lovely conversion!

Greg said...

hab deine email adr nicht aber ich muß dir einen link schicken! ich weiß nicht ob du es kennst aber ich bin abgebrochen:
immer noch coole site
alles liebe

Thomas said...

Danke für den Link Grex!

Hatte den Sketch aber schon gesehen. In fact, I own the DVD!

Ich habe die ganze Aufführung "Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl".

Ich geb sie Dir wenn du nächstes mal kommst! ;-)