Saturday, 25 August 2007

Work in progress...

Hi guys!

Tom's Boring Mordheim Blog will experience a major add-on soon!

I have been recieving a lot of mail concerning various tabletop-related topics recently, so I have decided to implement a new function to the blog.

I am working on a full fledged forum function to create an exchange platform for all of us! I am hoping for lots of interesting discussions with you guys and I am eager to make this thing work.

Let me know what you think about the idea!


Nicholas said...

who's the guy in black on the "work in progress" sign? a dwarf engineer? goblin? hobbit?

hope this nice little creature will finish his work very soon!

see you in a few days


Hellfoot said...
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Hellfoot said...

Heya I'm a lean mean Dwarf machine from Malta. I've been e-mailing Nicholas (I believe hehe) these past weeks about my campaign and we both seem interested in what we do :)

a forum function is a major plus for this blog believe me and you'll get alot of posts from me I assure you hehe

Robson a.k.a Hellfoot

Thomas said...

Yo guys!

Thanks for the positive feedback!

The forum is almost done and I am hoping to be able to launch it this very week.

@Hellfoot: Great! That's the spirit! :)

@Nico: The little creature is a dwarf engineer/miner I suppose. I juste took a dwarf that had a good silouette and used it for the logo :)