Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Ready, set, BASH!

Hi guys!

It's been a while since anything worth mentioning has happened "gaming-wise" as I have been very very busy lately.

However a few days ago I was browsing through the GW store in Leicester (just to see what new scenery they had done) when the store manager asked me if I wanted to take part in an "Ork Trukk Race".

Here's a little report of ourfun, yet VERY short "race"... you'll see why if you read on :)

GW-trukk #1, Tom's Trukk, GW-Trukk #2 - Bring it on!

Each player was allowed one trukk and up to 10 orcs. The objective: race one lap... and/or prevent the other from doing so. Fouls allowed :)

First round. GW palyer #1 gets the first turn and speeds past my boys, while firing with all he has. The lucker rolled three 6s in a row, resulting in my trukk blowing up without having raced an inch.

My boys survive the explosion, but they are now on foot.

A burst from GW player #2's flamer, kill 2 more of my boys. Talk about bad luck. But my boys respond in kind and let rip at Player 1's trukk, returning the compliment and blowing it up aswell.

GW player #1 does not look that happy anymore, hehe :)

He charges GW Player #2's trukk. But he fails to do any damage.

The ensuing close combat sees a dead GWPlayer #1's Boss, eliminating him from the game.
GW Player #2 finishes my poor boys off with his flamethrower.

So in the end, no one ever raced more than 12 inch, but instead the race turned into a head bashing orc-barbecue.

Final ranking:
1st: GW Player #2
2nd: Tom (yeah!)
3rd: GW Player #1


Tom Goudsblom said...

lol :D

Azmodan said...


maybe the rules were not balanced enough for a real race.. :D

Thomas said...

You're right Azmodan. The rules were kind of simplistic :)

It is too bad we couldn't race proper laps, but it was fun anyway. And the game lasted 15 minutes LOL!

WarbossKurgan said...

Hehehe - probably would have been more fun with less Boyz and more racing!

Gives me an idea for a game though..... :<]