Monday, 5 May 2008

Manchester: Battle Report - Game 2 of 2

Game 2: Treasure Hunt

No sooner had word got out, that a magical artefact was stashed-away somewhere near the docks, than all the warbands active in the town descended on the harbour and started turning over the houses.

Pugwash’s Pirates had poor luck from the moment they got into port, Their launch pulled alongside the Hogwasha’s cutter and they crossed onto the Orc boat. But when they tried to board the Hogwasha over the broken gangplank from the cutter the lead crewman lost his footing and slipped into the water below! To make matters worse he grabbed the man behind him and pulled him off balance, he clapped onto the man behind him and so on. pretty soon four pirates were thrashing around in the docks!

Slippery Jack, the Squigtapus, sensed their struggling and darted towards them...

~ ~ ~

The warbands searched building after building until an ill-advised shout of celebration from a Dark Elf in the Wizard’s Tower echoed across the bay! The Wreckers Guild and the Sneakers were closest to hand and, like all the other warbands, made a hasty rush towards the Wizard’s Tower.

~ ~ ~

As the Halibuteers ran across the Walled Garden Mino the Goblin started hurling abuse at Fishman Marlin’s back, for some real or imagined slight. The Orc thought it was Sprat being so insolent and cracked the poor Goblin’s skull! Mino realised that he had got away with it by the skin of his teeth and kept his mouth shut from then on.

The Squigtapus furiously lashed out at the floundering pirates and the scurvy-addled buccaneers fended off its tentacled terrorising and the cabin-boy Roger (who was still on the cutter) managed to injure the sea-spawn and it fled to the deep.

Backstabba Sneak took down Fishman Big’Un Makrul with a carefully aimed sling stone.

~ ~ ~

As the two Orc mobs sprinted through the Shambles towards the Wizard’s Tower and the loot they converged into a single yelling, bawling, roaring mass. A great column of aggression that swarmed through the Gatehouse archway and crashed into the Dark Elves. Oooog the Shaman clubbed Uhrial in the chops and the Unpronounceable dropped like a sack of taters. One of the Boring Boyz knocked Delmah down with his shield and stuck him with his sword.

A Wreckers Guild henchman took deliberate aim with his harpoon gun and fired. Kap’n Hadduk was hit in the leg and fell, skidding to a halt face down in the dirt in the garden. The Halibuteer’s bad luck continued as Bleak Sneak’s sling stone knocked out Marlin the Fish-Orc.

The Dark Elves, overcome by the Orcish onslaught, dropped the artefact and it was scooped up by Garen Sneak - the leader of the Skaven Sneakers. He took one look at the advancing green horde and fled for his life, clutching his loot.

~ ~ ~

The final straw for the Dark Elves was Squiggy-Squig mauling Lhunaru, this sent them running for their lives. As the Halibuteers reached the far side of the Walled Garden Dagon the Troll took repeated hits from the Wreckers and the Skaven. His regenerative powers coped for a short while but finally a harpoon thudded into his back and he fell heavily.

~ ~ ~

Sneer Sneak took a heroic diving leap from a third floor window, hit the ground rolling and carried on running as if nothing happened! Marlin stood agog at this feat of gymnastics so Backstabba took advantage and stabbed the gawking Orc in the belly.

Murlok the Shaman and a couple of Fish Boyz veered off for the Cod and Cutlass and the Shaman blasted Awkward Davis, a crewman of Pugwash’s Pirates.

~ ~ ~

Prospero coldly aimed one of his finely crafted pistols at Mino the Goblin - who spotted the gun and squealed and turned to flee, only to be shot in the back. While Pintelli dealt with the prone Fish Troll. In the street between the Cod and Cutlass Barnabus fenced with one of the Backstabba Sneakers, after a few brief passes the Wrecker kicked the Backstabba in the knee and ran him through as he toppled over.

In the bar of the Cod and Cutlass Makrul the Fishy Big’Un smashed one of the pirate’s pressed men in the teeth with a steel scaled gauntlet.

Slicer Sneak knocked one of the Wreckers down and was about to finish him off when the Orcs caught up with them, the Boss of the Boring Boyz kicked him out of the Warehouse doorway.

The fight for the Artefact hung on a knife-edge as Uggg smacked Sneer Sneak with his stone-headed club, while the Ugggs took on and bested a pair of pirate crewmen near the fountain.

The Artefact rolled along the street unattended as the Orcs swarmed through the Gatehouse archway. Prospero looked around furtively then picked up the precious thing and stuffed it into his pouch. The Wreckers fell back in good order as the Skaven squeaked and squealed in fear - the Orc horde was upon them!

As the Wreckers disappeared with the loot Makrul made a lone rush along the jetty towards the Hogwasha but Pugwash and two of the dripping-wet mates stood in his way. With a loud explosion and a cloud of smoke the Fishman crashed onto the decking.

~ ~ ~

The Wreckers Guild won the game and got a random Magical Artefact.

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