Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald - Part 1

A few months ago I showed you how I built 2 trebuchets for my little bretonnian force. I do also own a little wood elf army (which is still under construction) and I thought, if the brets get big fat eye catching centerpieces for their army, it would be only fair for my Wood Elves to get at least one.

But what's big, heavy, super cool and does a lot of damage in a Woodie army?

There's only one candidate: a Treeman!

So it is written, so let it be done, I'll build myself a Treeman from scratch. As for the trebuchet, I find the GW metal model to be ridiculously small (for a unit that supposedly causes terror and costs nigh 300pts!) and expensive.

Here are some WIP pics up to the basecoated model awaiting its paintjob.

Enjoy! :)

An elf uses the protection of his much taller "friend" to take a few well aimed shots at the foe.

The whole model was built around a metal wire "skeleton" I made.

A pic of the base. Hard to see here but I sculpted some mushrooms growing on the tree trunk aswell as a rune stone.


Tom Goudsblom said...

Nice Tom! Far better then the ones from GW, this one looks more realistic and better! :)


Ashton Sanders said...

100% Awesome! (The head looks a little weird in the pics, so I can't wait to see it painted.) I love the pose you have him in, and the hands area also awesome! Great work!