Monday, 4 October 2010

Speedpainting Space Marines #13 - Techmarine

Latest addition: A techmarine (courtesy of ebay). This model is normally available through direct mailorder only, and I think it is one of the coolest in the Space Marine range.

The puritiy seals are still missing, but other than that I think my speedpainting scheme worked well here too.



Anonymous said...

I really don't want to be annoying, but i was doing it for myself anyway, just to see how your minis actually look:

I like your style, i hope one day i'll learn to paint that well.

Matt said...

hey Tom,

as always I love your miniatures :) with this model, I'd add another color though. While this colorscheme looks great on all your other space marines, it makes this model look a bit 'clutched together' I think. I do still love him though!

gr, Matt

Thomas said...

Thanks again Holo for the improvements. Replaced my pics by your gamma corrected versions.
Cheers, mate.

@ Matt: Yes, you are right Matt. I agree that this one went a little dark (I think I screwed up that wash mix). I am sure you have also noticed that I was a little "sloppy" on the face, if you compare him to the terminators for example.
Also, the seals of purity are not done and the scope could do with some more shading.

I have a plan to finish painting all my unfinished models (that's something around 100), and I felt that this guy was looking OKAY for tabletop quality, so I decided to move on :)

He is the last model in my SM army, except for a Drop Pod which a friend gave me as a present and 12 old bikers which I doubt I will ever have the courage to paint (althout I have already done the bases)

cianty said...

Pretty cool sucker... for a sci-fi mini ;)
You really need to do some Fantasy stuff again. :)