Thursday, 18 November 2010

Banner up, people!

Hi guys,

A friendly visitor pointed out that I provided banners for download, but never actually explained how I applied them to models... lazy me.

So, to remedy that, here's a quick tutorial on how I used my banners. Hope that helps!
(click to enlarge)


Sigmar said...

Great stuff, thanks very much for sharing Thomas.

Do you have anymore banners you can share with us ?

Keep up the good work, this is a very tidy blog. I'll be back :)

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Thomas said...

Thanks for the comment Sigmar!

No more banners so far unfortunately.

Had a look at your gallery, impressive stuff!

Jp said...

hey, alors as tu eu les résultats de ton passage devant le jury pour le sujet sur lequel tu travaillais?

Et bonne idée le tuto pour les bannières,malgrès plusieurs modèles je ne savais pas trop comment faire ;)

bonne continuation.