Friday, 28 December 2007

Treasure Island

Two days ago we played a little friendly (i.e. non-campaign) "treasure hunt" game with Tortiou while we were waiting for some guests. The objective was for the warbands to search every building for "the treasure" which, once found, was to be carried back to a winning zone.

Every time a model enters the first floor of a building that has not been searched, the player rolls 2D6. On a 12 the model has found the treasure while searching the building.

If all the buildings have been searched but one, the treasure is automatically in that last one.

That's a lot of buildings to search.


The Reiks and their elf (aaaargh!) take positions.

The Reiks are still out of arrow range... I am happy... for now.

Great! Finally a photograph that documents the very thing that makes me grind my teeth in helpless agony and drives my cold sweats: Nico's expression when he takes aim at my warband with one of his best marksmen.

The elf fires. And fails to wound. Lucky me...

Two can play at this shooting game. My Crossbowman sends a Reik to the ground.

That's right! I can shoot too! :)

Nico's (new) elf sprints along a bridge...

...and is greeted by a bolt from my captain's crossbow that throws her to the ground.

Nico's troops rush forward... What?!

The impossible became possible that day: Nico actually approached my troops with the clear intention of getting involved in a close combat! I could not believe my eyes, and frankly, was caught completely unprepared.

Unfortunately, we did not have time to finish the game (our guests arrived) to see what would have happened to the poor overwhelmed Witch Hunters. But since I knocked 2 of Nico's models down I was declared "winner" of the game... if there can be such a thing as a winner.

Good game dude!


Ashton Sanders said...

I love just scanning the pictures, admiring your terrain. So well done.

Tom Goudsblom said...

haha it's good to see you play Witch Hunters :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! As always, great stuff. Your terrain is amazing. I'm going to round up a gang of guys to come kidnap you in the middle of the night and convert you over to playing WARMACHINE just so we can use your gaming boards!

Keep up the good work!!

Pilger said...

Better kidnap him and force him to build more terrain^^
Great table, nice game

Thomas said...