Monday, 3 December 2007

Woidöhfen (go woodies, go!)

Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since I have had time to wield the brush and even a longer time since I have posted something.

This week-end I finished most of my work so I was able to spend a little time on painting and modelling... the good stuff! Let me tell you, it feels very good to do some painting again.

I went a little crazy a month ago and bought some wood elf miniatures at the local games workshop because... well, because the "new" miniatures look awesome, because I have always loved wood elves and because I could not resist anymore. However these guys had to remain unasembled in a a drawer because I simply did not have time to even cut them out of their sprues.

That's a LOT of wood elves to assemble, paint and base.

This has now changed and after weeks and weeks of pondering and reflecting upon the colour scheme to adopt, I am finally proud to be able to show you first pics of work in progress.

Tell me what you think!

That's all I have for the moment (2 days work), but there is more to come.

I was torn between an "autumn" and a "winter" style army. The only thing I knew was that I did not want a standard "green" army. But what to chose? I wanted dead leaves but I also wanted snow... So I went for "late fall" and made bases that had both: dead leaves AND snow :)


Olosta said...

Happy to see your work again ! I like the colour scheme.

Tom said...

Good work m8! Really like the Autumn style:D.. How did you make those bases? They rock :) ...


Thomas said...

Thanks Tom!

I'll make a post for you about how I made the bases if you want.

Maybe tonight.

See you!

Tortiou said...

moi qui pensais que tu n'aimais pas les figurines trop "mangas"...


thomas said...

Arrete... elles sont splendides! :D

Mais maintenant que tu le dis... c'est vrai qu'elles ont qque chose de manga...

Ashton said...

Great Work!

I love the color scheme. It's so realistic, and elvish. It's very pleasing on the eyes. I'm very impressed

Thomas said...

Thanks Ashton! :)

Ashton Sanders said...

You are welcome.

Thanks for the link! I have reciprocated. =)

The question is: How did you find my blog?

Thomas said...

I found this site

Your blog was linked on it :)

Dragontigre said...

Arghhhh !!!

Mais... mais... c'est tout bonnement magnifique !


Thomas said...

Merci mon brave ;)