Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Het bezoek van Matt in Leicester

Today Matt (yes, the one from the forum) came to visit me for a few hours in Leicester, my temporary headquarters.

We went to the local GW store, where we had 2 very nice games of Mordheim on a somewhat improvised Empire in Flames-ish board.

The battle saw my orc warband clash with a Reiklander warband in a mercyless wyrdstone hunt. In this game, out wyrdstone shards were actually red dice, not because we forgot to bring along proper counters of course, but because.... of magical...reasons.... that you wouldn't understand.

Matt places his Reiks (we used bretonnian archers because matt did not have enough marksmen)

I get the second turn and send my squigs forward.

Unfortunately Matt is unlucky with his shots, and misses all of them.

To make things worse for Matt, my orcs shoot (!) down 3 of his warriors in the first 2 rounds. Be he keeps his smile and prepares his next move...

He does it again: A 6 to hit followed by a 1 to wound... even Matt's massive "lucky die" seems jinxed.

And the orcs kill another poor human with "Fire of Gork" cast by the Shaman. That's right! It's the VERY FIRST TIME THAT I AM ABLE TO CAST A SPELL! Wohooo! :)

Matt! Behind you!

Meanwhile my orcs run forward and seize 2 wyrdstone shards. Things are starting to look grim for poor Matt...

Even a double 1 on my animosity test which sees two idiotic goblins fight each other instead of the enemy cannot change the tide.

After 6 turns, the orcs are declared winners and the Reiks are routed from the field.

Game 2: Once more, the green tide does what it does best. Bashin' 'eads. This time Matt is controlling them and facing me, commanding his Reiks.

I try to build up a barrage of arrows, while I send 3 "runners" to go get wyrdstone shards. Sounds about right for Reiks...

This time, the orc's casualties are high. Apparently it is my luck day... I keep rolling 5s and 6s to wound resulting in a silly amount of critical hits.

But Matt is not easily discouraged. He sends runners out himself, and sends a goblin after one of my guys.

Almost... there...just a few more... *aaaarg* An orc arrow smashes into the poor reiklander's chest, killing him instantly.

The arrow barrage shows first results. The goblin that was chasing my Reiklander is shot from the ladder, and rolls down to the bottom. But he scrambles to his feet, and runs up the ladder once more, decided to get that piece of wyrdstone...

...only to be shot down AGAIN! :) This time the poor creature is killed for good by 4 Reiklander archers and a hard fall.

On the other side of the table, Matt slaughters my archers covering the runners retreat. Although he had heavy losses, his orcs refused to rout.

Even as the orc boss, killing another human, but overwhelmed by Reik captain and archers, dies, the orcs stand fast.

The humans are not as courageous. The prefer to fall into a "tactical retreat" and abandon the field to the greenskins, swearing to be back for revenge...

And thus the final score is 1:1 between Matt and myself.
Good game, dude!


Anonymous said...


trés fun la photo avec le marteau. hahaha!!! ces article sont trés interessent.
tien ca fait longtemps que j'ai pas jouée moi.......

cianty said...

Looks like you had a good time. That GW Leicester store has some great terrain pieces.

Axel (henk) said...

Lol seems like a fun two games

Greetz, Axel from the forum

Matt said...

it sure where two great games, I really enjoyed them :D

Ashton Sanders said...

Good games. Thanks for the reports! Yea, looks like great terrain.