Saturday, 5 April 2008

Potato field artillery: Part six (final)

There it is! Behold: the completed trebuchet! *pride*

Unfortunately I cannot show the second one because I don't have it here at the moment, but I might do a re-edit of this post and add a few pics in the future ;)

I speed painted the crew, so please don't go looking for too many details as I kept them very basic so that I can get them over with as fast as I could (I did not paint eyes... shame on me). At one point I even tried to use ink-wash on their faces (a method which I dispise by the way) to go even faster... but that looked so horrendously crappy, that I finally ended up painting their faces my "normal" way.

I will let this be a lesson to me: No matter how fast you want to finish you minis, NEVER EVER use ink wash on faces. It looks disgusting even if you are in a hurry... yak!

All right, enough lecturing. Enter, the pics! Click to enlarge.


Tom Goudsblom said...

wonderfull crew! They are like you told me, looking up :D great work mate as always! :)

Ashton Sanders said...

Freaking amazing! Good work. It really is an amazing model you've created out of absolutely nothing. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

bravo tom trés beau travail le trébucher ainsi que les chevaliers sont totalement dans l'ambence de la prémière croisade vraiment bravo je croi que je vais resortir mes bretonien du placard.

Thomas said...

Thanks a lot guys! :) I'm glad you like it

Sir. Gilbert said...
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Anonymous said...

Most of your work is very nice or even better (I've been reading your blog bacwards for a few days), but that osl is just bad... The white parts actually get a lot darker as a light hit's it! Also the torch itself terrible: it is much darker than those white parts. It's supposed to be the source of the light i.e. it should be the absolutely brightest part of the whole thing. Also, there should not be any shadows in a source of light.

Thomas said...

Thanks for the constructive criticism anonymous. I appreciate the technical hints, but I will also add that I am not entirely unfamiliar with them.

The reason the paintjob looks flat on these guys, is quite simply because they were painted in a rush, with very little motivation. I just wanted to get some crew done as quickly as possible, and quickly drybrushed at few layers on.
The level of attention and detail I brought to these models - I am not ashamed to say - was less than minimal.

So while I completely agree with your criticism, I want to put things into perspective: this was above all a modelling project (trebuchet) with a hasty tabletop-quality (at best) paintjob to get it over with.

Glad you like some of the other stuff though :)