Saturday, 26 April 2008

Manchester United

Today was a great day. A really great one. Without doubt one of the greatest for my humble blog, for I got invited to Manchester to meet the Flame On crew (for those of you who are forum members, you know them as WarbossKurgan, blessed knight and zelophahad amongst others).

I left Leicester at 6:40 am and arrived in Manchester 3 hours later, where Saul (a.k.a WarbossKurgan) kindly picked me up from the train station and introduced me to the gang which gave me a very warm welcome, making me feel at home immediately. Who wouldn't feel at home with tea, biscuits and an amazing Mordheim table? :)

Manchester's Oxford Road (I believe)

L.t.r: Tom, Joe, Tim, Spectator, Spectator, me, Phil, Lee and Saul

We had a great gaming day, loads of fun and had time for 2 scenarios featuring 7 players each!
Of course Phil (aka Zelophahad), Saul (aka Warboss Kurgan) and I joined forces to form a green tide of 3 orc warbands to take one the 4 other "pirate" warbands, including Dark Elves, Skaven and Humans. Needless to say, we must have rolled 100 animosity tests that day (of which I managed to get a 6 after the dreaded 1 THREE TIMES, lol!).

In the first scenario, there were counters scattered in buildings (one per building) around the city, each worth a certain amount of victory points (written underneath the marker). The objective was to be in control of as many buildings - i.e. "markers" - after 6 turns. At the end the VPs were revealed and the winner determined.

The second scenario was a treasre hunt. Roll a D6 for every building you enter and spend a whole movement phase in. On a 6 you found the treasure and have to hold out until the 6th round. If all the buildings but one have been searched without finding the treasure, it is automatically in the last building.

Below you'll find pictures of the Flame On's team magnificent gaming board and get a few impression of what our gaming day was like. A battle report by Warboss Kurgan might follow.

But for now, here's a small selection "en vrac" of some the 200+ pictures that were taken that day. It was really hard for me to make a selection, and I tried hard to cut it down, but I really could not make it less than 75 pics :)

So there is plenty of footage available. Make sure you take your time.


Phil's and my own orcs make acquaintance. In the background you see Phil's bretonnian warship. It's much bigger than I imagined it from the photographs!

Movement phase.

Admin Tom & Saul

A victory point counter. What number is underneath?

Lee's (amazing) pirates emerge from the water and rush towards the nearest building.

Here's Lee moving his hiumies.

Phil's savage orc shaman.

WBK takes the his second (or was it third) building and hopes that his VP counter will turn out to be worth a lot...

A massive close combat rages between my orcs and Tim's Dark Elves. I progressively manage to send more and more troops in, until even the highly trained elves are submerged.

A victorious WarbossKurgan! LOL! The counter yielded 6 VP but combined with his other 4VP that makes Saul the winner of the match (and hence the biggest, meanest orc on da table).

A defeated Dark Elf (Tim) and a glorious Orc Boss (Admin Tom) shake hands after a very tight and exciting close combat that lasted 4 rounds.

I was even allowed to hold WBK's famous "Admirul" miniature :)

And he held aloft Excal.... the rulebook?


cianty said...

Awesome post. Awesome photos, awesome minis, awesome scenery. Awesome people it seems. Thanks a lot. It was a pleasure to look at the fine pics. I would have loved to be there! :)

Tom Goudsblom said...

great, looks like great fun :)

zelophahad said...

Thanks for coming over Tom - it was a great day!


(I really am VERY bald, aren't I?!?!)

Tortiou said...

Very nice pics! A detailed battle report would be awesome! :)

Ashton Sanders said...

*Applause* Great shots. I feel like I had a fun time playing ;) Thanks for all the pictures. (I didn't realize that "docks" was 2' square! That's huge!

WarbossKurgan said...

I was such a great day! We had a fantastic time.

Phil and his gang were ace hosts; plenty of lovely tea and huge triple-chop coockies(!), pizza for lunch and two awesome games.

I can't get the stupid grin of my face! I can't wait to get back to those mean streets again...

Don't worry the battle reports are coming.