Thursday, 24 December 2009

Speedpainting Space Marines #4 - Terminators

Merry Christmas & happy holidays everyone!

Okay, so here's my last post before Christmas, but there will be plenty more after, so keep checking back!

What could be more fitting for Christmas than a bunch of big fat Space Marine Terminators? Okay, admittedly, almost anything would be more fitting, but the point is that here are some pics of my assault terminator squad + captain in power armour, and I hope you guys will like them.


I decided I wanted no bald heads in my space marines army and so I decided to give all baldies (the assault seargent is the only exception) berets. Green berets. That I sculpted with green stuff. Incredibly creative, isn't it?

The power sword is still not completely done. I need to work out the non-metallic (NMM) effect more. There will be a post with my librarian with a finished sword to give you an idea of what the final product should look like. And of course the captain wears a green robe, because beige and green are the chapter's colours... I have just decided.

"Is that arabic on the banner?" I hear you ask. Why yes it is! I decided that my marines would use the arabic alphabet (may be even speak some araboid language) because I was tired of this bullshit pseudo-latin that GW tosses around ("exterminus" here, "terminatum" there *gag*)

If there is sufficient demand, I will upload the banner files (.jpeg) that I made for my chapter, so that those of you interested in having their own marines join my chapter can print them out and do so if they wish. The more the merrier!

I have replaced the original terminator shields (see WIP shots below) with chaos warrior shields from WHFB from which I filed off the chaotic detail. Instead the shield now sport my chapter's symbol... a "Lambda". By the way, I still need a name for the chapter, so if you have ideas, don't keep them to yourselves!

The completed squad, ready to deal out 21 attacks, strength 4-8, ignoring armour saves. Yay.

WIP terminators, before the wash.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

I've been a hardcore follower of your blog on several projects over the past year - probably one of the best blogs around!

Anyway, in the future sometime, If i was going to revitalise my spacemarines I will definitely join in with your araboid-speaking chapter. (name yet??)

So if you could put up files of the banner, I'd be very greatful!

I commented on your daemonette-harpies before.. stole your idea and people liked it (still in the converting stage and havent finished painting) thanks for that one too!

And lately I've taken your Wood elves dryad-centaur idea and made them a core of my new army..

check out the galleries of for my work. its a webboard for tabletop gamers in thailand.

Thanks for sharing your awesome work ;)


Thomas said...

Hi Nickie!

Thank you for your comment and the words of praise :) I am happy you liked my stuff so far and that it was (is) an inspiration for your own work. That's what it's all about!

Sure, I will upload the banner files as soon as I get a chance so you can print them out aswell.

I wasn't able to locate the gallery or any of your works at the link you gave me. Do you have a direct link to your pictures perhaps?


Anonymous said...

No problem Tom ;) your a great influence on my work so far.

that should be all my work for the past 12 months!


Thomas said...

Sawadee Nickie!

Thanks for the link.

LOL, when I saw your Dark Elf pics, my brain was utterly confused for a split second to see "my" miniatures on someone else's workbench, haha!

Fantastic job!!! I feel honored that you found my creations worth adopting, and in many cases you did a better job than I did (waywatchers for instance). You really did an amazing job in recreating the conversions both for the harpies, the shades and the wild riders.

I also really like your treeman.

I guess we are the only people on the planet to "share" a collection in such a way. That is very cool.

Keep me posted on your progress, I enjoy looking at your pics.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tom,

Hahaha yeah shocking right? I really stole your idea and copied it with no remorse. Or shall I say 'pirated' it, thai style ahah. I made sure people know where I got my ideas from so cheers to you! ;) and thanks for the kind comments! Feel free to take any ideas if you find them appealing!

I've been working on the woodelf waywatchers the leaf effect doesnt stand out as cool as I hoped once painted so I'm playing wtih the color abit more before posting photos.

Did u have a name for the marines yet? And how does your army list look like? I'm a regular 40k player so I can help out if need be.


Gert G. said...

Hi Tom,

I'm Gert from Belgium.
I've been playing warhammer fantasy for 7 months now (Warriors of chaos) and this blog and forum have been a real help to keep my painting and converting standards, even at this level, as high as possible.

Now i'll have to start a 40k army, thanks to your awesome space marines!
Feeling very inspired by your scheme, setting and arabic influence.
Very interested in a banner file :-)

@ Nickie
You stole and copied. But you did it in style and made it your own.
Very nice indeed !
And since i'm a 40k noob, probably gonna steal some ideas from your list suggestions ;-)

Greets. Gert

Thomas said...

UPDATE: Banner files are up for download guys! :) Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

hey i love ur space marine colour scheme, so much so im goin to steal it, that is if you would be so good as to tell what colours are used?

many thanks

Thomas said...

I listed all the colours I used in this here post. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Greek student. Love your painting. Love the berets.

Just wanted to point out - your chapter symbol is NOT a delta (as mentioned in your post) - Delta is Δ. Yours is a Lambda, Λ.

Hope this is helpful!

Thomas said...

Fixed Delta --> Lambda. Thanks a lot for pointing it out!

Zen said...

amazing! I think the Arabic banner fits the colour scheme so well. Those banners look so Imperial Guards.

What kinds of shields are they using?

Thomas said...

Thank your for your kind comment Zen!

The shields are WHFB chaos warrior shields, where I simply filed off the detail to make them smooth and even.