Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Speedpainting Space Marines #2 - Assault Marines


Ricalope said...

I like these guys, they look realistic and not cartoon-like, great work!

Longscope said...

The weathering on these guys is absolutely stunning.

You've inspired me to touch up my Assult Marines and make them more beat up (meaning I'm totally stealing this idea) :)

Thomas said...

Thanks guys!

@Longscope: be my guest! ;)

Zen said...

your weathering is absolutely stunning! Have you ever considered a Golden Demon entry? they no longer look plastic but of worn metal.

Great work! you should give out more tips ;)

Thomas said...

Hey Zen!

Haha, yes I have fatasized about entering a golden demon but I am not sure I have the skill.

I am indeed very happy with how the weathering turned out. HOWEVER, if you were to step closer and look at my marines up close, you would see that the effect is in fact quite crude. Great at arm's length, but extremely simple (and perhaps even a little disappointing) up close.

This being said, such an effect is exactly what I was looking for in this case! I had A LOT of marines to paint in a very short time, so I needed a thechnique that would save time yet look good on the tabletop.
So I experimented a little bit and came up with this.

Honestly, I have never painted up an army as quickly as this one. About 3 weeks with de-colouring, re-assembly and re-painting (you will also note the lack of fancy conversions).

Had I had more time, maybe I would have stressed the arabic theme more, i.e. replacing power swords with power-scimitars and the like :)