Monday, 21 December 2009

Speedpainting Space Marines #1 - Scouts

Here is the first post out of about 10, in whichI will show you my progress through my "Space Marines Speedpainting" project. The idea is to re-paint my old Space Marines Army (roughly 2500 pts) to tabletop quality.

Today: Scouts!



Pablo El Marques said...

A color palette very interesting and unusual for wh40k.
As usual: very good paint job.
Congratulations Thomas

oni said...

Very cool. That's a nice color scheme and very well painted.

Thomas said...


I'm glad you guys like the colour palette. I was trying to avoid the classical brightly colored marines, and wanted something a little more original.

I am also trying to keep the insignia as modest as possible. No huge eagles, as little decal-spamming as possible etc...

Stay tuned for more posts!

Andy said...

Hi, Tom. These are very impressive. I like them a lot. I've always found your flesh painting to be the best around.

How long did it take you to paint this squad, if you don't mind me asking? I'm always looking for ways to speed up my painting.

Best regards.

Thomas said...

Hey Andy!

Thank you for the kind words.
The whole squad took me around 3 hours total, from assembly to finished paintjob, if you disregard my dabbling around with the cloaks (2h). I redid the cloaks 3 times until I found a camo pattern that suited me :)

If I had to paint this squad again, it would probably take 3h max.

I am planning to do a few basic tutorials giving my personal quick-fix solutions to some painting issues that I have found to be frustrating/annoying over the years(painting whites, blacks, flesh, shading vs. highlighting etc). I will include my "flesh recipie" in there, so maybe that will help you :)


Andy said...

Thanks, Tom. Knowing that they only took three hours makes them all the more impressive. :)

Anonymous said...

amazing colour schame.tis scouts fit the grim warhammer world more then blue red and other ,,shiny colours;)