Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Expansion Pack

As Nico has announced a looong time ago, he has realised the painstaking but heroic task of expanding our gaming table. Yay!

"This city is too small" he declared, and got to work with his knife and pen.
A bigger table also offers more possibilities for a larger number of players, and I must say that I felt our experienced warbands were in dire need of more space lately :)

Nico draws lines on the table with a marker to determine where the larger lines of cobblestone will run. Many hours of sudorific "stone-carving" (with a pencil) ensued...

A week later: Nico with the finished (unpainted) new gaming board in the middle of the table. Is this the same t-shirt Nico, or just one that looks REALLY similar?!

Now that Nico did all the carving (each single cobblestone was carved by hand) it is my job to paint this baby. Thank you Nico!

Today I painted the board. Perfectly in time for our International Mordheim Meeting on July 11th - 12th.


Tom Goudsblom said...

Nice! :D A new addon to the board! :) Succes with it.


Skrekkugle said...

That table looks great! Keep us posted!