Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald - Part 2

I am waiting with painting the Treeman, because I want to finish all the modelling before I proceed to picking up my brushes. That's just how I like to do it.

So I thought I'd show you WIP pics of another wood elfy thing I have been doing in order to complete my (hopefully one day) 2000pts Wood Elves WHFB army.

Although this is again a Warhammer post, I think it can't be wrong to post it, as it is of interest to everyone who likes modelling and converting! :)

Today's Menu: Wild Riders of Kournos. A special unit choice for wood elf players. The rules state that these guys are Forest Spirits with all that this implies (special save, cause fear, immune to psychology etc...)

You know what I am about to say "I don't like the GW model so I built my own..." But you're not quite right this time unfortunately. I think the GW models look okay... for a regular cavalry unit. But they most certainly do not suffice to represent the wrath of fear causing forest spirits, stampeeding out of a dark enchanted forest to the sound of horns blowing to the Wild Hunt, ready to tear apart the invading foe.

So here it goes. My own interpretation of "cavalry-like" forest spirits... that are scary. Mommy! :)


Hard to see on this pic, but the standard (the tree trunk) has little greenstuff glyphs on it. This will be more evident once painted.

PS: A big thank you to DeafNala on the Forum who so generously donated ALL the parts that I used for these conversions!


Tom Goudsblom said...

looking good mate, looking good! They give me a warm woodish feeling! :) I like them

WarbossKurgan said...


What a great concept! (and really well executed!) I've always liked the idea of an "all tree-spirit" army. This is a great way of keeping that theme!

Nice work mate!

Thomas said...

Thank you Tom, Thank you WarbossKurgan! :)

Yes, ideally I should be able to field an all forest spirit army, but so far I am still missing Tree Kin :)

So I have to pad it with some Asrai for now.

Anonymous said...

I've always liked the dryadtaurs as Wild Riders, and yours look awesome!

Just one recommendation: take of the horse tails and replace them with branches/foliage - hair and sticks just don't seem to go together.

Thomas said...

Thank you for your comment anonymous! :) I thought of replacing the tails to but then I hesitated. You just helped me make up my mind! Thanks!