Thursday, 31 July 2008

Boring Mordheim Meetup 2008 - Chapter One

Coming up next, live from Vienna, Austria, a TBMB&TBMF exclusive:

The incrrrredible, the amaaazing, the flabberrrrgasting
1st MORDHEIM MEETUP Battle report!

Chapter One - Preparing the game, meeting the guys

The days before the Big Meetup, many tasks lay on Admin Tom's shoulders: preparing the scenery, buying truckloads of snacks & drinks, transporting important stuff from his place to the gaming venue, adjusting lighting, cleaning, fetching eager gamers from airports and trainstations... that's why he ordered respectfully asked me, his fellow slave good friend, to help him complete these adventurous quests.

This is Admin Tom (hallowed be thy name) placing the buildings on the gaming board:

That's me, Tortiou (yours truly), doing the same as Master Tom to put up a good front::

The city (of the damned) taking shape:

Finishing the last building... just in time:

On the day of the Big Meetup, finally, the guests arrived! From left to right: Lanyssa Ryssyll, Boehm, Erkwin, Admin Tom, Tortiou, and Matt!

The guests are here, the board is ready... the Battle can begin!

End of chapter One - To be continued...soon!

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