Thursday, 12 July 2007

Antreten zur Schuhputzkontrolle und StG77 zum Apell aufgelegt! Gemma meine Herr'n!

I did not mention that in our last battle one of my Darksouls ascended from "henchman" to "hero".

In fact I rolled a "This lad's got talent" during the level-up, so one of my darksouls became a hero.

He was captured by the enemy (Nico's Reiklanders I think) and sold to the arena where he lost a leg in combat against a pit fighter. However he survived, and the dark gods saw fit to reward him with a mutation that would replace his lost leg...

The mutation turned out to be a tentacle, which is a mixed blessing because on one hand the man looks "cooler" and more "chaos-like", but on the other hand it does nothing to improve that movement impairment my warrior suffers.

So the poor guy's movement is now permanently reduced by 1, which sucks, because now he is as fast as a dwarf. No comment.

On the bright side, this gave me a great oportunity for a new model in my warband, and here it is (I still need a name for him).

A darksoul's career. No more shoe-polishing and coffee-making for his superiors: The man is a hero now!

I tried to make it look like as though he is using his sword like a cane to walk.


Nicholas said...

Trop fort !! Excellent !

The picture slowly turns to reveal the tentacle... well done !


Thomas said...

Tiens, j'ai même pas fait exprès!

En tout cas merci Nicou!

Peut-être que je vais l'appeller "Jonathan".

Jonathan, le gros berserk du Kâââooooooooh! :)

PS: Elle en est où ton archère?

Grex said...

Hi Tomsch,
du bist jetzt weg und hast dich gar nicht gemeldet. wo bist du jetzt du hohepriester der miniaturen?
was gestern in gg und hab dich vermißt! gehts dir gut ... was tut sich!
meld dich mal so du das von dort aus kannst! alles liebe


Thomas said...

Danke Grex!

Bin bis 1.Sept in Düsseldorf und mache ein Praktikum bei Bayer. Hab leider nur beschrenkt zugang zu meiner Mailbox da extrem rigoros kontrolliert wird WAS für seiten du aufrufst, und hotmail ist auf der "schwarzen Liste". Leider.

Ich schaue trotzdem (zuhause) von Zeit zu zeit hinein!


Ashton Sanders said...


Well done man, well done.

And that model is 100% pimpin' lol