Monday, 2 July 2007

Mordheim Mayhem 2007

The 28th of June and 1st of July were intense gaming days!

Unfortunately Pat was unable to join us, but Nico and Hari made illustrious appearances that could somewhat make up for the lack of a 4th player.

A total of 4 games were played, which I will try to sum up as briefly as possible in the following post... with plenty of pictures! :)


Day 1

GAME ONE of FOUR - Street Fight

Hari had not arrived yet, so I played a game with Nico.

A long narrow curved street. Nico's Reiklanders on one side, my possessed on the other. The objective of each warband is to reach the opposite end with at least 2 standing models.

The game started rather well... here's the setup from both angles:

Above: Nico's Reiklanders advance in tight formation, as usual.

I can still not see any purpose in Nico's packed movements...

My possessed initiate sprinting along a walkway. He's has a bow, so I am trying to get him into shooting position.

Oh... So THAT'S Nico's plan. A neat line of archers on high ground, ready to mow down any possessed that rears it's ugly head around the corner.

My first darksoul goes down, struck by an arrow.

The possessed storming towards their objective and the Reiks waiting to shoot them like rabbits. Well, like huge, green, mutated rabbits with extra arms and weapons.

Okay, now this is where the cream turned sour and we aborted the game. Remember that nice line of archers? Well, Nico was so thrilled by his own tactical genius, that he completetly forgot his movement phase. So instead of moving, he had started shooting at my possessed, killing my darksoul. I reminded him of his movement phase and allowed him to catch up and move his whole warband although the rules forbid to do so once the shots are fired.

Now it was my turn to be hasty. I had done all my moves and close combats (killing no-one, lucky me...) but I had totally forgotten to cast my magister's spell, yet Nico refused to let me do so. I insisted that this was unfair, since I had let him catch up a whole movement phase. He replied that my "spell-casting" was so game altering that he could not allow it. We argued back and forth.

I am ashamed to admit that this is where I lost my temper. I felt that this was a lack of sportsmanship from Nico and he felt that I was trying to alter the rules to my advantage.

We continued the few close combats that were still open, but the mood was so bad (I didn't roll the dice anymore, I literally threw them :) we decided to abort the game. I feel that's just a pity to leave a game unfinished when I look back at it.

Then Hari arrived and after a reconciliatory handshake all went back to normal.



Has said...

There's always two sides to the story..

In our Mordheim games, we allow everyone to make one mistake and correct it, but only one. And only immediately after they have made it (ie. in the same turn).

Here's our campaign blog, by the way, feel free to have a read:

Nicholas said...

hey has !

your blog looks great! I like the idea of the map of mordheim, with different sectors... your campaign looks really interesting!
(We should do the same!!)