Saturday, 21 July 2007

Stick together, team!

On July 4, 2007 (yes, I know, sorry for the late report, mates...), Tom organised a small Mordheim battle in his living room. Present were the usual suspects: Patrick and his dwarves, me and my Reiklanders, Tom and his possessed... and, as a guest star, Stanzi and her orc-girls!

This game was an introductory brawl for Stanzi. We decided to play a Wyrdstone-Scenario, the kind of game where wyrdstone counters are placed randomly on the table and all you have to do is run and get them... it's far from being original but at least the rules are fixed and the objectives are fair and balanced!
We formed teams as follows: Patrick and I were allied against Tom and Stanzi, so the Reiklanders' bows and the dwarves' axes could cross swords with the possessed claws and the orcs'... flowers???

Here are Captain Tortiou's first impressions, found in his campaign log:
"What? You want me to fight some pinkish pacifists, disguised as girls? I have no time for such nonsense!"

But the lure of the wyrdstones sparkling in the streets will soon change his mind...

This is the table setup. As usual, many planks and footbridges, and ALL the wyrdstones on higher ground, thus adding to the tactical fun.

Flower-power rush! Candy troll takes the lead!

My Youngblood sprints forwards and picks up a wyrdstone

An orcish archeress and her friends invade the streets

Tom splits his possessed in two groups:
the first one rushes towards the dwarf and Reiklander positions...
...the second one tries to take my archers from the side.

This is what Magister Tomazh wrote in his "Chaos Book of the Khaos Battle of the Khahôos Possessed":
"Klaatu Greko Khahos Claude, forma Kraaârrkch Benoît nikhni Mouni Scorpio Ferrata Khahos Niktu!" (hum, okay, this is the language of Chaos, only understandable by demons, sorry about this guys)

Anyway, here are Patrick's dwarves taking their positions.

The dwarves really mastered this game, I must say. Four crossbowmen were posted in the first floor of a ruin and provided cover fire, while the rest of the dwarven warband rushed towards the orcs in HtH combat. Despite their slow movement rates, the dwarves managed to occupy excellent shooting and fighting positions.

"Do you hear that, Fritin? Excellent shooting and fighting positions!" "Miaoow!"

Stanzi checks if my archer is able to shoot at a Beastman or not.

This is one of the few pictures of the melee that we were able to take that day. You can see dwarves being charged by the monstruous candy troll!

The HtH combat was a big, violent, brutal and vulgar brawl in the centre of the table. As all the models were more or less involved in it, the initial objective of picking up wyrdstones was forgotten. Tom and I each managed to capture one wyrdstone counter, but that's all.
The highlights of this memorable combat were:
-the pink troll and his devastating vomit attacks... (no comment)
-the dwarves calmly slaughtering orcs and goblins
-the possessed arriving a bit too late
-Captain Tortiou being put out of action by Tom's possessed (thus missing the next game!)

Finally, Tom and Stanzi both routed at the same time and left the victory to Patrick and me.

This battle closes the Mordheim Mayhem 2007. Tom and Patrick being away during Summer, the next campaign will probably not take place before the end of September... or later. Anyway, good fight, good night!


Tom said...

Hi again:D back from vacation..
Sorry that i didnt let something hear about me but i was on vacation, so i missed the other great works:( i've looked and its all verry nice..:D started to undercoat my orcs so they will be painted.. but all of my friends quited Mordheim for no reason..:( even Matthijs.. he's playing Warhammer again.. ok hope to hear something back! Servus Tom

thomas said...

Merci pour ce rapport de battaille très réussi Nico! Ca a du être difficile à faire avec si peu de photos. Merci d’avoir utilisée celle avec Fritin (sur Stanzi), je voulais absolument la mettre parceque je la trouve super marrante :) (Fritin assis comme une grosse locke !)

@Tom : Thanks for your comment Tom! I’m not in Austria at the moment so I won’t be able to check the blog very regularily during the next 5 weeks, but don’t worry, it is in good hands: I have assigned Nico to the task of “Blog Keeper” during my absence and I reckon he’ll take good care of it. He also promised to post a little something soon (a miniature he painted), so we should keep an eye out. Don’t forget to comment on the other battles! :)

Cheers to all visitors,
See you soon (especially you, Nico)


thomas said...

Oh and sorry about your friends quiting on you for no reason... that really sucks. But maybe if you confront them with a ready painted beautiful gaming table they'll change their mind and return to Mordheim... who knows...

I know it worked for MY friends ;)