Sunday, 22 July 2007

Bonne nuit, les petits!

There's a new youngblood in town!

During the Mordheim Mayhem 2007, one of the battles went really bad for the Reiklanders and they lost two men: one archer and one swordsman. Moreover, the next battle was imminent and there were only a few gold crowns left in the treasury... so Captain Tortiou chose to replace his fallen warriors with a new Youngblood (only 15 gc!). It was as simple as that.
However, the rest of the warband was not really pleased by the captain's choice. In fact, the Reiklanders were really REALLY pissed off when they saw that the new Youngblood was ...
... a girl!

Allow me to introduce Pimprenelle, the new Reiklander recruit. Pimprenelle is tenderness incarnate. She is gentle, cute, caring and full of love, especially with her hammer and sword.
Pimprenelle was painted by Tom (hair and fur coat) and by me (everything else). The colors are always the same: blue and beige, just like her teammates. I especially like the "space wolf grey" used for the fur in her back!
Pimprenelle with Captain Tortiou and Nicolas, the other youngblood. You can see the other Reiks in the background.

Nicolas and Pimprenelle. Same shield, same hammer, time to rock baby!

Nicolas et Pimprenelle (pour ceux qui pigent la référence)

Bonne nuit les petits!

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thomas said...


Merci pour ce post Nico! Super!

Je vois que tu es passé maître dans l'utilisation de Photoshop. Bravo.

Et biens sur bravo aussi pour
la peinture de ta nouvelle fig! Je te filerai le matos pour le soclage quand je rentre à Vienne...

À très bientot!