Friday, 6 April 2007

Bob's Iguana Bits

Okay now. I have finished painting my mob, and so this will probably be the last Gorkamorka-related post before some time. I hope you enjoy the minis, please tell me what you think (even you are welcome to, dear Nico, although i know you don't like orcs :)

That is, by the way, what the "truck" should have looked like, hadn't i come over it with my devilish cutter and drill. It used to be a Revell model :D

Below is the Orc "Nob" (= Boss) crammed into his Vehicle along with his smelly warriors.


Okami said...

We can smell the sweat, the smell of oil, the "smell" of the "diesel" -
" Roger's " pĂȘt " "- the smell of war !!!

Very good job !!! ;)

See ya !!!


bonjour!!! finally the pics are there, great job btw. we have waiting the whole night, but it looks great!

Thomas said...

Thanks Tom!

I'm glad you like them! :)

Maluendix said...

Hi! Nice work throught out the blog! I just came out into it, and found this post. Sorry about being that late, but which scale is that truck you are using?