Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Gimme fuel, gimme fire!

Le post suivant est en anglais pour faciliter la compréhension à certains de mes potes qui auraient plus de mal en francais. Merci pour votre indulgence.

It has been out of print for around 10 years now, the Rulebook is nearly impossible to find, the
miniatures long gone and not sold anymore. That is… Perfect!

I have secretly been working on something new...

A great underground “specialist” game for me and my players. I managed to get hold of a copy of the rulebook so, if you liked Mad Max, Fallout or the likes, read on!

Gorkamorka is a humoristic tabletop game by Games Workshop that has been put to rest by it’s producers and thus has become “abandonware” (along with it’s more popular older brother “Space Hulk” and it’s rather unknown little brother “Man’O’War”).

To put it in a nutshell, in Gorkamorka you lead an orc mob that drives around on a desert planet in self-built buggies, and fights other mobs for junk leftover from the crash of a gigantic spaceship, that’s worth a lot of “teef” (= “teeth” = orc currency) back at the low-tech orc-metropolis “Mektown”.

Of course (how could it be otherwise) none of your equipment is reliable. Grenades go off in your hands, vehicles swerve around or turn over, flamethrowers explode, machine-guns overheat... A paradise for an orc.

To quote the Rulebook: ”[…] as we know Gorkamorka favors the hopeless optimist and players who hold back on their shots should be jeered loudly”. It’s got roleplaying elements (like Mordheim), loads of action and last but not least, it has one thing that will make one particular guy’s heart beat faster…“Sperrfeuerbereitschaft”. N’est ce pas Nico! :)

It’s fast, it’s wild, it’s fun.

Here’s a teaser-video, enjoy! (remember to turn up the volume)



hi there,
great video.. GREAT!!!
that stupid rabbit, it's green:P..
an orcish rabbit:P

see ya;)

Anonymous said...

high volume was essential to watch that clip. notice this fucking-good motörhead-song "born to raise hell".
Tom hasn't just demonstrated his creativity and artificial skills one more time, he also shows excellent taste in music.
Keep on rockin' in the Ork World!


Thomas said...

Danke Hari!

Nevertheless i'll have a hard time rockin' all by myself.

Care to join in? Say, with a little orc mob of your own? hmmm? :D

PS: Scenery is in production and on it's way! Keep an eye out for more posts in the near future.

Okami said...

Fabulously rich; the universe of MADMAX, a battle for a spaceship; rest more than dwarfs' band in techno-armors...

Let's go for Rock'n roll baby !!!

Green rabbit band ...