Monday, 2 April 2007

Macho warrior-chicks with swords

I am proud to introduce our newest club-member, both a fine tactician and lovely cousin: Harald.

He will be playing an amazon warband which he is still to paint and display (on this blog) in a few weeks.

Meanwhile he allowed me to show you his pride and joy, that is, his self-built painting rack.

Notice the self made rulebook cover: The guy actually thinks he has a chance!
Just kidding Hari ;-)

And here are 2 of his first miniatures:

Staying true to the feminine style of his warband, and impatient to get the minis undercoated, Hari couldn't help but paint those fingernails... RED?! wtf? :D

That's an old wood elf miniature that I gave Hari as a welcome present. I thought it looked really amazon-ish... So maybe he can use it as a priestess or something.

Welcome to the force, son. Here's your badge.

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