Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Het gras is altyd groener aan de overkant

I found a small parcel in the mailbox today. Tom (the other Tom, a friend from the Netherlands and frequent visitor of this blog) had sent me something.

I opened up, and inside was a miniature he had sculpted from green-stuff himself! I must say I was duly impressed. I sat there for 15 minutes, turning this scratch-built miniature over and over again. Since I sculpt stuff myself (e.g. the blonde hair on the orc-lady from the previous post) I know how hard it is to produce something like this. Next to the miniature was a letter asking me to "greet Pat, Nic and Hari"which I will hereby do.

Tom (the other Tom again) has succeeded in making a figure that is very funny to look at, simple yet expressive and conceptually innovative (there is no other monkey miniature in the whole Warhammer range!). It is what I would call a "little masterpiece" without hesitation.

The monkey takes a sip from a liquor-flask.

Look at that cute tail! Goed werk!

Tom, all my very special thanks and huge "kudos" go to you for this incredible work, which I am overly happy and grateful to be holding in my hands. It's a great present and you can be very proud of yourself. Keep up the good work mate!

Servus, bedankt en tot ziens! ;-)

PS: I'll get to the painting as soon as my work-schedule allows it.


Nicholas said...

Impressive... most impressive... I must say I am startled as well, this little monkey is really well done ! Especially the tail and the hat ! (I don't like his right arm, though... a bit too "big" for me...)
Anyway, Thoumas, how are you going to paint it ? Which colours ? Did Tom from the Netherlands give you any particular instructions on how he would like his monkey to be painted ?

And afterwards, are you going to send it back ? Or is it a "gift" ? If you are permitted to add this magnificent monkey to your own collection, we could make him the (unvoluntary) hero of a new scenario, "Save The King of the Bongo-Bong".
Good job Tom !

Thomas said...

No, Tom G. has not given me any instructions on how to paint it. In fact, he told me he was eager to see how I was going to do it!

And yes, it is a gift, so I get to keep it.

Of course we could use it in a scenario, but please, let's dig a bit deeper in our imagination and let's NOT make another "rescue" scenario :-D

Hari said...

Hmh? What else can we do besides "rescuing" the monkey? "killing", "sacrifying", "raping"?

But my ladies got the idea of eating his brains (ice cold, naturally).
They also completely support to give him more, whats that thing in his hand, a hotdog, things to eat and to fatten him up.
I'm sure the undead wanna join in!

An here is the scenario:

All leaders meet at Pat's olde brew and join in a card game. and the winner can eat the monkey, or whatever.
winning leader gets 3+xp!

well, of course i've to improve my scenario-writing-skills but it's a beginning.

greetz from the Noob

Thomas said...

Try "catching" Hari.

Anyway, we CAN do a "rescue" scenario, only maybe not in the same way as for the lost princess. I have an idea, but I want to keep it to myself, because I am thinking of integrating it into a narrative game/campaign...

Your favoutite admin.

WarbossKurgan said...

"(there is no other monkey miniature in the whole Warhammer range!)"

Ah but there is! The new Empire Handgunners include a Powder Monkey!


Thomas said...

Thanks for the info Warbosskurgan! :) Having been a 5th and 6th Edition player and having stopped playing Warhammer 5-6 years ago I am not really up to date with the new miniatures.