Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Eldar special

This post is a little uncommon for a Mordheim-themed-specialist-games-only-blog. But it was a special request from Tom (the other one), our dutch friend, famous for sculpting the awe inspiring monkey and fellow Mordheim player.

He asked me if he could see my old Eldar army. "Sure!" I said, so here's the post.
I painted this army back when I was playing Warhammer 40.000, so I must have been 15 at the time. Back then I liked to keep my miniatures in dark shades, which explains the very dark look of my Eldars.

I imagined Eldar as an ancient and mysterious race who, in wartime, leads vast yet very silent, skimmering hosts to battle before unleashing a storm of energy upon it's oponents. That drove me in my choice of colours I guess. My army got a dark blue style, reminiscent of a clear midnight sky or a deep silent sea, with little drops of gold, that could symbolize stars or light reflections on the waves. I thought of my small host as a force that would be specialized on nighttime warfare: huge floating tanks and very light infantry troops moving in utter silence, circling their prey like sting-rays or sharks, and striking with one deadly blow.

As a matter of fact, that's how I played them, and this was my only army that has remained undefeated for 8 games in a row! :)

The famous "Wave Serpent" tank is an essential centerpiece of every eldar army. It is both a great firing platform and an armored personel carrier (APC). I particularily liked those 2 skimmering hover tanks, that somhow reminded me of big sharks.

The eldar guardians. Light and fast infantry, led by their "farseer", a powerful psychic.

Your army only qualifies as "Eldar" if you own this utterly useless but kick-ass-looking model: "The avatar of the Blood-Handed God"! :)

A guardian Seargent

Aaaah yes! My beloved Banshees... deadly female warriors. I can't remember how many Space-Marine terminators I sliced up with those. Way to go girls!

Those are called "Warp Spiders". They can teleport themselves for short distances, enabling them to cross any terrain. Sweet.

Sweeter: The Warp Spider leader... Man did I love this model. Isn't he just "kewl"?

The complete army. Say hello boys, before you go back into your box!


TOM said...

good painting style, my siam hannXD are looking bad:P thanx for the post it's a good army!

Nicholas said...

yeah. great army.
what about the mordheim tavern????


(le chieur, tu sais !!!)

I wanted to add that Tom played these Eldars once against me. He just wanted to "show" me the world of WarHammer40k. I was to fight his eldar army with 2 squadrons of space marines and one squadron of terminators. Hell, I just kicked his ass sooo hard he still remembers it when he seats on a chair.
(In fact, he miscalculated the army sizes and gave me a too important number of space marines.) (But I prefer to remember it as the day when a newbie like me won against a pro like Tom) (makes me feel happy) (sometimes)

Anyway, nice painting tom! nice choice of colours (except for the "Blood-Hand" of the Blood-Handed Avatar)!

Keep up the good work.


PS would you agree with me if I say that the eldar helmets look A LOT like the protoss faces?? maybe games workshop could sue blizzard for copyright infringement :)

TOM said...


Thomas said...

Aaaah yes! How could I forget that game. There were no heavy weapons, so all vehicles were virtually indestructible... Probably the worst demo-game I ever played with a friend :)

The tavern is doing fine. But I didn't have time to continue it since it's last mention in the shoutbox. Let's say it's at about 90% ready for painting.

@Tom: Yes, GW is too f***ing expensive!

Okami said...

(le deuxième chieur, tu sais !!!)

Il y des nains ???

En fait je suis d'accord avec Nico - Les peintures comme d'habitude - Je comprends l'influence des figurines sur beaucoup de design de créatures et d'univers SF dans les modélisations - Univers de joueurs...

Et je suis d'accord - les casques Eldar (référence aux Eldar de Tolkien ???) font penser aux Protoss

In fact I agree with Nico - The paintings as usual - I understand the influence of figurines on a lot of design of creatures and universe sci-fi in modellings - players' Universe...

And I agree - helmets Eldar (ref. to Eldar of Tolkien???) remind Protoss

Thomas said...

Oui oui, absolument! Evidemment que ca fait référence aux "Eldars" de Tolkien.

GW n'a encore jamais éprouvé de scrupules à voler, copier et déformer des mots connus et appréciés pour les appliquer à leur univers.

Je suppose qu'ils ont volé le mot "Eldar" parceque "Space Elves" fait carrément et simplement très très pitié. Déjà que "Space Wolves" c'est limite...

Mais leurs habitudes plagiateuses ont aussi un bon côté: On s'y retrouve TRÈS facilement dans leur univers.

Ainsi la "Bretonnie" c'est la "France", "l'Empire" c'est le "Reich" allemand mélangé à l'Autriche-Hongrie, la "Tilée" c'est l'Italie, "Albion" c'est l'Angleterre et "Marco Colombo" est un navigateur connu qui a découvert "Lustria", une espèce de continent Atztèquoide (avec des hommes lézards qui ressemblent très fortement à des prêtres Incas).

Ah oui! Et "Karl-Franz" c'est l'empereur de "l'Empire"... ca me fait beaucoup penser aux empereurs "Karl" et "Franz" (deux autrichiens btw) du Saint Empire Romain Germanique (Corrige moi, Nico, si je me trompe).