Thursday, 3 May 2007

Tom's Experimental Lab #2

All right. Here's brake-fluid-test #2.

This time I let the miniatures soak for 5 days, and the results were better.

My first miniature EVER! My pride and joy at one time.

I also put this wood elf steed inside to see what happens. It is not as old as the archer, so I hoped to obtain proof for my "theory" that paint takes longer to go off, the older it is.

Day #1: The paint starts to wrinkle.

Day #4: The paint has almost completely gone off the horse. The archer has not changed much it seems.

At the end of day 5:

Here you see that the horse is almost completely clean. The brownish shades you see are remains of the basecoat I used 6 years ago ("Bestial Brown Spray"). But the layer has become so thin that it si virtually inexistent. I'd say this miniature has become as good as new! 10/10.

The archer on the other hand needed a little scrubbing. Although the paint went off really easy, he remains rather colored. The layers of paint have also become very thin so you could actually just spray over them and paint it again, although the miniature has not become as thoroughly clean as the horse. 7/10.

Anyway, this brake-fluid method seems to work fine, only it takes a lot of time. I suppose if you left the minis inside for 8 days, it would be perfect.


TOM said...

haha, I also got my first mini, a lotr goblin it wasn't even basecoated. i think my new mini's look a lot better.. just bought the board. tomorrow we are gonna buy stuff to make the scenery..


Master Yoda said...

Exactement - plus la peinture sur la figurine ancienne est - plus longtemps dois la figurine tremper...
Sinon côté obscur accroché reste ...

Master Yoda

Nicholas said...

Tom's Experimental Lab #189:

This time I let the minis soak for 15 years. Here are the results:

Captain Tortiou: the paint is entirely gone. The turtle as well. 10/10. But I lost one of my best painted mini.

"Sean Connery" Space Marine: the paint is gone, the head has melted, the body is decayed. Perfect! 10/10.

So after 15 years, I now know that brake fluid works, more effectively than I had first expected. But I just lost my two last miniatures. And no one even reads my blog anymore.


Thomas said...

All right all right, I get it. Brake fluid posts aren't exactly thrilling. And don't worry, it's the last one anyway.