Sunday, 20 May 2007

"You have found the ruins of Kvatch"

Hi everyone!

The tavern is doing good, I have almost finished covering the roof with tiles and the second "tower" is almost finished aswell. Today I added a little more detail to the base... I can't find all those plaster scenery pieces (gargoyles, barrels etc...), that I cast a few months ago, so until those show up, the tavern will have to wait a little more before recieving it's paintjob.

But let me show you a quick little project I made in the meantime. It's something Nico proposed a long time ago: "Why don't you just make a few very small ruins?" he asked me.

Well, why don't I indeed? So I went and made four "very small" ruins and 2 bridges to link them. They are still unpainted but I thought I'd show them to you all the same, just to give you an idea. Plus, that leaves enough time for you to make suggestions before it's too late and they are painted ;-)

Here are some pics. As always, I would be very happy to read your comments. Thanks!

I put some models into the unfinished ruins to give you an idea of the scale.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tom!
Is it possible to exhaust some of your energy? I need badly some power and motivation to learn.
I've done nothing within the last days. Im defering each daily goal to the next day, Im so weak.
And I don't paint any more amazons instead ;-).

Any pitifulness for me? Am I pathetic enough?

greetz from Hari, the Pit(y)-Fighter

Nicholas said...

Än äkzelent wörk!!
Well done for the footbridges, they look really great. These ruins will provide some cover and will fill the empty space created by the third city-board! Nice job!

I suggest you put some black stains on the walls to indicate that the buildings burned in the aftermath of the crash of the comet. As the Stones said: "Paint it black" :) - but I'm sure you intended to do that anyway.
I waiting for the final result!
See you

Thomas said...

Yo Hari!

Does it look like I have so much energy or what? :D

I guess I could transfer you some... let me just get my ritual book... *chants and waves his arms mysteriously, releasing a shimmering blue light from his palms*

There you go...

Now, rejoice for we have new scenery to battle on! Yay!

Take care,
Your "lieblingscousin" ;-)

PS: "Feel" Glück für die Matura!

Thomas said...

Thank you, thank you Nico!

Bien sur que je comptais faire des traces de roussi sur les murs! Comme je l'ai fait pour tous mes bâtiments.

En tout cas merci d'avoir donné l'impulsion à ce petit projet. Ah oui, et je suis content que les "footbridges" to plaisent! :) Je peut-être encore leur rajouter quelques détails, il fait juste que je réfléchisse comment. En tout cas il était temps qu'on en aie!

Thomas said...

"I see a Mordheim ruin and I want to paint it bla-hack... no colors anymore I want them to turn bla-hack" :)

Thomas said...

(mon dieu... une grosse faute de frappe, une omission et des fautes d'aurtograffe dans mon avant dernier post...mon dieu... *quellehonte*)

Nicholas said...

oui, va te cacher dans ton trou à rat, thomas... tu n'es qu'une pauvre tache!!


TOM said...

cool ruïnes!
how long did it take to make those?
because you know that i am building my board, so i need some good easy terrain first and then work out the sketches.

Thomas said...

Hi Tom!

If you need a lot of simple terrain and you don't have much time on your hands, I guess small ruins like the ones I made are perfect for you.

All in all it took me 2 hours max. The trick is to work on many buildings in parallel: that means that you work on 1 building while the glue/basecoat on the others is drying. If you work rather quickly it takes the exact same amount of time to do 1 or 2 buildings, thus doubling your efficiency :)

You'll have a lot of scenery to play on in no time.

(Hint: To save more time, I did absolutely NO sketches for these ruins and improvised everything. I started out with 4 boards of random size, and glued walls to them... then I aranged them until I was satisfied with the result.)

Let me know how it turns out for you!

Take care,
Tom (the other one) ;-)

c12 said...

Très beau boulot une nouvelle fois !
J'ai hâte de voir tout ça peint par tes soins.

TOM said...

kk i got much home work but the plates of styrofoam i use are the same thickness of your white foam.
what materials i need? balsa wood, foamcard and foam?

greetings tom from holland;p

Okami said...


- Vous auriez pas vu passer un troupeau de Zergs ??? Non je dis ça parce que au vu des ruines...

Vivement la peinture !!!


Thomas said...

Merci pour le link vers le trailer de Starcraft 2 Okami! ;) Je regarderai demain, car aujourd'hui il est trop tard.


Je l'attends depuis des mois celui là!

Thomas said...

@ Tom (form Holland).

You'll only need the essentials you probably already have:

1) PVA glue (please don't buy it at GW! Please buy it for ex. at HORNBACH, it's soooo much cheaper and better quality!)

2) Cardboard for the base

3) Styrofoam or cardboard for the walls (about 0,5 - 0,8cm). You can also buy pre-textured cardboard from "FALLER". I used that on one of the buildings if you look closely (the one with the "pink" walls).

4) More cardboard for the floors (1st floor and above) to support the balsa.

5) Balsa wood (plenty) 2-5mm

6) Sand

7) White interior paint (very important for ALL buildings!). You will need to give ALL areas that are foam a basecoat of that paint for 2 reasons. First, the black primer spray will not be able to eat it's way through the foam; secondly it gives your walls a texture and thus a more realistic look.

Good luck! ;-)

TOM said...


Nicholas said...


ouais bon ok ils ont fait toute une vidéo pendant 5 minutes JUSTE POUR LUI METTRE UNE ARMURE ?!?!? Il pouvait pas l'enfiler tout seul??

*continue de râler tout seul en grommelant entre ses dents*

Thomas said...

Je ne te contredirais pas Nicou, car j'ai eu la même réaction que toi... Je pense qu'ils auraient mieux faits d'appeller cela un "TEASER" plutot qu'un "TRAILER".

Toutefois, je pense que ce qu'Okami a voulu nous montrer, c'est la beauté de l'animation, la maitrise parfaite de des plygones ("polygôôôônes!") des artistes Blizzardiens.

Sur ce point de vue c'est splendide! Avoue! (Allez, avoue Nico!)


Cheers (Prost!)

Nicholas said...

mouais, ok, c'est pas mal...
non c'est clair que la vidéo est très bien faite graphiquement, ya pas de doute là-dessus, c'est pas nous avec nos vidéos pourries sur Mordheim ou sur Edimbourg qui pouvons juger de leur travail.
ce que je critiquais, c'était le choix du script. dans cette vidéo, il n'y a rien, pas de "scénario", pas de texte (sauf a la fin), juste des machines qui bougent partout et qui font des "pchiiiou" et des "bzziiiou" avec plein de fumée. j'étais décu d'avoir perdu 5 minutes de mon (ô combien précieux) temps pour ce résultat.
effectivement, si on renomme cette vidéo TEASER comme tu le proposes, thomas, alors là ca change tout. car moi ce n'est pas la splendeur des graphiques et des animations et des polygôôôôônes (qui sont magnifiques dans cette vidéo, c'est vrai) qui m'impressionne, c'est plus le script.
Bon enfin là on sort un peu du sujet mordheim (un peu beaucoup même!).

bonne nuit!